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Things to remember while designing your custom kitchen

Every individual has the dream of their home concept, complete with Kitchens, kitchen, furniture, and fittings of their selection. The trend, nowadays, is to try and do away with regular styles and gussy up the house with distinctive and customized ideas. Topping the list of customized styles is Kitchen interiors. With some facilitate from modular kitchen Thrissur premium and fashionable Kitchen styles, the Kitchen that you simply have invariably needed for can some become a reality. Listening to the below-mentioned points will be useful in shaping up the “dream kitchen”. Functional Kitchen:

While it’s simple to urge influenced by the flurry of Kitchen styles accessible within the market, one should provide importance to the practicality of the Kitchen style. Not all fancy styles can work for us, therefore it’s best suggested to seek out a middle ground between elegant styles and practicality.

Keep “Space” for Storage:

“Storage” and “ample space” are two things individuals have to be compelled to detain mind whereas conceptualizing their Kitchen style. Take care to incorporate enough cupboards, shelves, and pantries in your style to avoid muddle and chaos soon.

Explore different Options:

On the hunt for an efficient custom kitchen design, it invariably helps to stay all choices open. The client will flick through varied Kitchen style catalogs, browse the web and residential decoration magazines, books to urge a more robust plan of however their Kitchen ought to get on. Going through different choices instead of projected to single one style arrange can open up new ideas, which may be efficient furthermore.

Be sensible with Designs:

Another necessary purpose to notice is that one ought to be sensible whereas obtaining a custom Kitchen style. Select a style, which makes your time within the Kitchen time saving and productive. Select materials that are durable, water-resistant and most significant, simple to scrub. Keeping these points in mind whereas planning your Kitchen will certainly assist you within the long-standing time.

Consult Experts:

While you will have your plan of a tailored Kitchen, generally it helps to urge some knowledgeable recommendation. Style consultants like jeweled headdress provide a superb combination of ancient craft and fashionable, out-of-the-box ideas to present before you extremely functional custom Kitchen style. Modular kitchen Thrissur experienced designers will turn your dream kitchen into a reality. Intimate with designers can offer you a whole breakdown of all the aspects of customizing Kitchen like prices, materials needed, a form of cupboards, storage needed. This recommendation can assist you to decide upon the perfect custom Kitchen style of your dreams.

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3 Interesting Ways to Make Your Minimal Kitchen Look More Interesting

Modular kitchens in Trivandrum and many cities in the country are these days being designed in a more minimalist way. People are more and more attracted to the idea of ‘less is more’; therefore the current times have already dictated most kitchen owners’ choice of modular kitchen design.

While it seems that maintaining a kitchen which is already minimalist in nature should be easy, it might be argued that keeping it free of clutter is probably a more difficult task. Let’s look at a few ways that can help you have a clutter-free minimalist kitchen…

Repeat materials
Minimalist kitchen is more about bringing a feeling of harmony and seamlessness to the space, than letting it stay austere and cold in comparison. It is only through a careful planning and editing, that one can truly make an entire space minimalistically designed. Take out what’s unnecessary, and don’t let anything in the kitchen add an element of discord in there; take your own time in settling on a material palette, and finally ensure that the end result appears quite well-coordinated, which will further help in making the kitchen look bigger than it is.

Use integrated reach-in pulls
How many times have we all bumped our knees in the pulls or knobs of the cabinet doors, or have our clothes got accidentally hooked and torn on them? Too many times, we’d say. But, not for this primary reason, and instead, because it would give your kitchen a very open and frankly a few precious inches more of space – you should get drawers and doors with integrated grooves, and not any attached hardware. Adding to the list of pros would be the fact that you’d no longer have to coordinate various pulls with different kinds of cabinets. You will have achieved the seamlessness of the kitchen without having to worry about any mismatch or a similar effect.

Play with neutral shades
One of the most powerful colors, also happens to be the king of neutral colors. We’re talking about the color white of course, and if you go for it, you’re definitely going to help your kitchen look bigger in size. To add more depth to the room, to emphasize the changes in the depth, you can try using various shades, again giving the kitchen a dramatic, a more visually appealing appearance. You can go for subtle grays, pair it with white for the main finish, and later use black or even a little bit of dark grey on the backsplash – this will further give an impression that the back wall is located farther away than it actually is. People with modular kitchens in Trivandrum, Ahmedabad, amongst other places have been trying out the neutral palette quite a lot these days!

Include a breakfast bar
Maybe the space in your kitchen is too narrow for you to have a peninsula or an island counter with a proper seating included in there; even so, you can have that additional counter-top, with a few stools placed in – just enough for you and your family to grab a quick bite every morning. The breakfast bar you’ll have thus will come in handy even when you decide to have a casual meal, or double as an extra work-space. What’s more? The constraint of space you felt before, will no longer worry you, as you can choose seats that can easily be tucked in completely under the counter when no one’s using them.

Modular Kitchens in Trivandrum

5 Tips for Designing an Efficient Kitchen Layout

Kitchen is the most crucial area in your home where a lot of activities take place. And that is why it is important to design it to be both functionally and visually appealing. Choosing modular kitchens in Thiruvananthapuram or any other locality is the best way to attain efficient and elegant kitchenette. There are a number of layouts, themes and patterns available from which you can make a pick. But what makes modular kitchen a highly sought after choice among people is its customization attributes.

Depending on the needs and budget limits, you can personalize your kitchen design. So, if you have decided to purchase modular kitchens in Trivandrum, then it is important to design the right layout. Although the new-age modular kitchens are the most worthy investments, the question is how to choose a layout best suited for your home.

  1. Keep the kitchen triangle clear and open: Considered as one of the time-tested concepts, the kitchen work triangle refers to the sink, stove and refrigerator. According to the theory, all these work areas should form a triangle with shortest distance in between. Since sink, stove and refrigerator typically sees the most action, it is important to ensure easy access to all those areas. So, regardless of the kitchen size and space, make it a point to keep the work triangle unobstructed and traffic-free.
  2. Incorporate adequate counter space: When you have a small and crammed counter space, it will affect the whole cooking experience. Whether you do prepping, cooking or washing, you do it on the counter space. And when the counter-tops are small or packed with stuff, it would be daunting and time consuming to clear out the space and complete cooking. Hence, you need to design separate counters dedicated to each phase of the cooking process located in equally adequate distance.
  3. Come up with the best lighting plan: It is always advised to confirm and design a lighting plan before assembling modular kitchen. Since all the kitchen activities demand superior lighting, make sure to create adequate number of zones of light to provide flexibility. Layer ambient, task and accent lighting units to create a well illuminated cooking space.
  4. Add up storage space: The primary benefit of modular kitchen is maximum storage efficient and optimization. If you think built-ins and other architectural add-ons are expensive, consider making the best use of available space. Design storage spaces that are easily accessible. Hiring the services of a skilled interior designer or kitchen designer will help in making the most out of wasted space in a kitchenette.
  5. Choose proper ventilation: A properly ventilated kitchen helps in maintaining indoor air quality. You don’t want those obnoxious odour and smoke from kitchen ruining the whole dining experience, isn’t it? A good ventilation system helps you get rid of stale and dirty air from the kitchen. Moreover, it will make your kitchen cleaner and pleasant.

Working with a professional interior designer is the smartest way to design a beautiful and efficient kitchen in your home.

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Modular Kitchens – A revolution in kitchen designs

Kitchen is a very important part of the home. It is the heart or the centre of their home where they either create some memories or use it as a platform to create some new dishes. Kitchen is one place where you spend maximum time there cooking. Food is an essential element for everyone and one needs their meals at least thrice daily. Hence a lot of time is taken up in the kitchen. In order to make sure the food and the dishes made are amazing, you need to have a good aura and kitchen. There must be all the equipment and other stuff easily accessible to you. Therefore, modular kitchen revolution began.

Modular Kitchens in Kochi have become the latest trend. People today prefer to invest in modern style kitchens that ease their work and make cooking fun for them. When we work in office we make sure the environment, people and surroundings are good. Similar is the kitchen when you spend so much time there is no harm in asking for a classy, trendy and a revolutionized kitchen. There are designers and stores that provide you with amazing kitchen patterns and styles that will fit perfectly with your current interiors of the home. Also keep in mind to choose a kitchen that will last longer than the traditional ones because you need to work there regularly.

The modular kitchens have totally revolutionized the kitchen designs. The style, elegance and look of the kitchen make it stand out of the other kitchens. All home-makers or wives want that their kitchens should be fully stocked, but space is usually a constraint. With modular you don’t have to think about this, that is the beauty of this kitchen. It gives you huge space amount and keeps your kitchen mess-free. You can utilize the units very nicely and keep all your stuff in these cabinets. They make things handy and give you easy access to all your crockery, utensils and equipment.

You need to understand your needs as a home-maker. Once you do that you know what you want in your kitchen you will be able to stock things in the correct quantity and you will have all the other things also stocked in your kitchen. Kitchen does not only have the units and cabinets but there are appliances that you need daily and you need to have them in the kitchen. That is what makes modular kitchens near Kochi popular.


If you are looking to change your kitchen design then modular kitchen is the right option for you. You need to find the right designer and provider for you that will make things easy for you.

Modular Kitchens in Kochi

3 Unique and Magnificent Oversized Backsplashes

Kitchen trends change like fashion – it seems for every creation and design, there’s a season, and then they magically disappear. Right now, the season of back-splashes if upon the modular kitchens in Kochi, Ahmedabad, Ernakulam, and basically just about everywhere. Over-sized back-splashes are one of those really pervasive trends, which add quite a subtle, but definitely a wow factor to any kitchen space.

Here are three utterly magnificent backslashes to inspire your next kitchen design or redesign:

● You can go with a hint of green – and not just any green – but sea foam green. It will add to the crisp feel of the kitchen, bring in a garden-like atmosphere inside the space. You would require high-precision plate glass back-splash installation, which accommodates all the outlets and every appliance without a hassle. Do not try this one, unless you know a professional contractor to help you with it.

● You could install a backsplash that supersizes an existing backsplash. It would give the impression of an accent wall, and without a doubt, look superb. The opulence of such a backsplash would be unmatchable. So, you should definitely try this one.

● The other thing is, you could try and add a metallic effect to your kitchen, especially if the space already is a bit colorful. Go for one wall tiled with Silver glass Lapazo tiles; it will turn out to be utterly pleasing to the eyes, and have a rather magical effect on the surrounding environment.

These are a few of the many ways you can introduce unique back-splashes in your modular kitchen in Kochi, or wherever it might be. You could even come up with your own original, and therefore unique idea. If you do, let us know about it!

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Inexpensive Modular Kitchens Do Exist

Every owner wants to have a lovely and latest design kitchen in his home. Using modular kitchen in Kochi has become a trend. Where the demand has increased for such kitchen the suppliers have also made a strong existence. Modular kitchen have gained high popularity in a very short span of time and why not, they have such elegant and classy look that change the entire look of your house. If you think that these smart kitchens are expensive, then you are wrong. You can get an inexpensive one built and designed for your home. All you have to do is tell you budget to the designer and he/she will make it happen for you.

Modular Kitchen for Every Budget

There are many suppliers of Modular kitchens in Kochi that will fit right in your budget. It is important that you decide what all equipment you want in your kitchen and how you would like to use the space. Based on your preferences the designer will give you some ideas and designs to choose from. You can also have certain things removed if you think they cross your budget. But one very important thing is that you must also look for offers and discounts. Throughout the year retailers and shop owners give out discounts and offers for their customers, that is the perfect time to get heavy discount and a full-fledged modern style kitchen.

Wide Variety of Choice

You will get amazing choices in modular kitchens. You can also merge designs and make one to get a classy and out of the box design. You can ask your designer to give you choices in designs and budgets both. Having few options in kitchens that are cost effective will be an added advantage. You must move ahead with the latest fashion and trends but you also need to keep in mind your pocket. Anything that goes beyond will only be trouble later on. Hence it is always best to tell your provider or your designer what is budget. Modular kitchen don’t require maintenance hence there will be not maintenance cost in the future that will add to your expenses. This is a one-time investment unless you want a new design after 10-15 years.

Other Benefits of Modular Kitchens

Modular kitchen have a lot more benefits other than the cost and its elegant look. These kitchens are spacious and easy to clean. They are durable, compact and reliable. In, case there is any damage in the units in the future; they are easily repairable or replaceable. You don’t need to send loads of money to change your entire fittings. You don’t need to worry about finding someone to do the same they are easily available in the market.


Modular kitchen in Kochi are easily available and at best prices. They are affordable to all class of people and you can find designs that best match with your current interiors. Time for change, time adapt the new trends and get the modern kitchen ideas in your home.

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Why to Go For Matt Kitchen Finishes?

Matt modular kitchens are more about understated charm and luxury. The kind of luxurious look that you can expect from a matt kitchen is that of a subtle and refined kind. If you construct this type of kitchen and give it a high-quality finish, be assured that you’d be going for one of the most stunning looking kitchen spaces!

Let’s look at some of the rare unique qualities that only a matt kitchen can offer you:

  • Matt surface means that it doesn’t reflect light like a gloss kitchen. Because they prefer absorbing rather than reflecting, matt modular kitchens go for more of a muted and subtle appearance, rather than being a bit loud and shiny.
  • It doesn’t need light for its colors to maintain a definitive hue. Unlike its counterpart, a matt kitchen uses more solid base of colours. The colour consistency isn’t lost in the wait for the right kind of lighting.
  • The colours, further, have a wider range for someone who wants a matt kitchen, especially the kitchen doors. These colors, in a similar way as gloss modular kitchens, work great, when used in combination with other colors.
  • Being scratch resistant and durable are two of the other great qualities of matt modular kitchens that you can rely upon.
  • While these are easy to clean, just like gloss kitchens are, having surfaces that do not accentuate smudge marks or fingerprints, gives them a brownie point there too.
  • You will find a really wide range of matt kitchen finishes available easily in the market. Not just finishes, but colors as well, and at wide range of prices too.
  • You can have wooden worktops in your matt kitchen to give it a beautiful country cottage look.
  • If you include acrylic worktops in your matt finished modular kitchen, you could have a modern themed kitchen at hand.
  • You could even add a pinch of gloss to your matt kitchen by going for worktops made from granite.
  • A contemporary finish could be obtained by mixing and matching white cabinetry with dark granite worktop.

So, you can see how you can have yourself a beautiful and sophisticatedly designed kitchen, if you go for a matt finish. You will always have the choice between going for a more traditional scheme, or a modern one, or even something that combines the both, making everyone happy!

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Top 5 Things That Your Modular Kitchen Absolutely

If home is where heart resides, then kitchen is the exact place in home where it takes its residence! Modular kitchens have slowly but surely become a necessity to a good life and great lifestyle. The most lived portion of any home, kitchen sees all the action – from preparing food, to entertaining guests, to having children complete their school work, to endless small but important tasks.

So, what are the things that a modular kitchen absolutely needs in order to make it a more comfy, and an overall better place?

Let’s look at the top 5 things that your kitchen would thank you for getting:

  • Modular kitchens definitely need durable work surfaces. Laminates are a really good option – both cost-wise, as well as in terms of quality. That is what makes them one of the more popular choices as well. Other options could be solid wood, granite, and such, which would offer the perfect minimalistic look to your kitchen.
  • Walls are the first casualty in the regular cases of food splatters in the modular kitchens. To clean them afterward is a huge task. So, go for a paint that offers much needed resistance to stains and grease. This will make your cleaning task really easy.
  • The traditional dining space that used be completely kept separate from the kitchen are really a thing of the past now. Open kitchen is what’s trending now! Not just stylish to look at, but it also makes cooking and eating together really convenient. A dining table in the kitchen in addition makes it a perfectly sociable space in the house for guests too. If yours is a smaller kitchen and can’t take in a dining table, you could think about giving up some of the countertop space and use it as breakfast bar.
  • Your kitchen like everything else in your life, should be technologically efficient, and more importantly, very updated. Whether it’s replacing your appliances after they’ve spent a long time with you with newer gadgets, or getting a wireless sound system to help you work – don’t hesitate to get it!
  • And finally, your kitchen shouldn’t just be the place where you go cook, but where you relax as well. Kitchen, after all, is the heart of a home. So, if yours is a large kitchen, get a comfortable couch, where you can have your friends over, talk to them, and just have fun. Leather would be a good choice of material for the couch, as it would be easy to clean, and would absorb the cooking smells too.


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Buying a New Kitchen? Here are Some Questions You Must Ask!

Buying a modular kitchen is not exactly a tough process – but it sure requires you to be a bit careful. Kitchen forms such an important part of any home, that you need to be absolutely sure about what you need, how much money you’re ready to spend, what will suit your family the best, and so on. These are the kinds of questions that you ask yourself before you indulge in buying yourself a kitchen.

But, there are another set of important questions – the ones that you ask your modular kitchen supplier. What are those?

Let’s have a see:

  • Ask for a guarantee. Decent modular kitchens should last at least 10 years without a hassle, and your kitchen supplier should guarantee you that. The kitchen as well as the materials that it comes with – they should all be durable and robust. And it’s not just about asking for a guarantee – you should also ask about exactly the things that the guarantee covers.
  • Modular kitchens are more than just the whole space – they’re about the whole plan and design as well. So, you’ll have to ask your kitchen provider if they will help you with eh planning and designing part as well. Having a definite kitchen design in head is what will make you visualize your future kitchen better. Ask questions like, where will the cabinets go, what material would be the best for making the countertop, and so on.
  • The other thing is the measurement that goes into the making of modular kitchens. So, you must ask your kitchen supplier, whether they’ll provide a free survey or not. The designing and fitting of a kitchen should be right to the millimeter. Therefore, the measurements should be exact. Even if they have to again take any measurements, they shouldn’t hesitate in going ahead for them.
  • An important question to ask is that what all is included in the toatl cost you pay. The reason is, many modular kitchens come with some furniture, lights, and other stuff, at no extra cost. So, you should ask if you get anything that is included in the price of your kitchen.
  • Whether you get an assembled or a flat packed kitchen, you will have to prepare to have a proper storage space. Modular kitchens without a proper storage would be incomplete, to say the least! You’ll need to to find a space first to start the installation. So, ask when your kitchen is going to get delivered, and you should arrange for the storage installation immediately after that.
  • An important part of installing modular kitchens is the post-sales process. You will have to be very clear with your supplier about how much you can trust him, after you’ve bought the kitchen from him. This one’s really important, because you must get a decent after-sales service after having paid a really good amount for the kitchen.

So, these are a few important questions that we think you should ask before you finally buy the kitchen you want. If there are questions, in addition to these, that you think are important – do not hesitate to ask your modular kitchen supplier for the same!



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What My Dream Kitchen is Like?

In most of the Indian homes, your cooking space the most functional, yet loneliest part of your homes. Although I have never done much of cooking, still I consider my kitchen the heart of my entire home. Now here I am writing down a casual post that says what is my dream kitchen like? Today you will find millions of product options around, everything has hundreds of alternative, from shoes to ornaments to smartphones to appliances and what not!

Even kitchen designs vary from space to space, that is from L-shaped designs to U-shaped, parallel to island, etc. In addition to this you can choose a style like contemporary, modern, classic, retro and so on. Honestly speaking I am a working woman, who sits and works in huge cabin space all day long, hence I need to buy Modular Kitchen Online which incorporates numerous pre-modules and cabin parts, counter tops, appropriate working triangle with all modern appliances and equipment’s that makes my day to day chores efficient and easy.

Furthermore, the material would more of granite or quartz as they are heat proof and durable enough. If I choose to put the stove in island, then it should be about 20 inches free from both the sides, so that I can work during nights if necessary. Besides all I wish for a large pantry where I can store all my grains and spices used throughout the year. Although modular kitchen online do utilize cramped corners but in any case If I find some space left then I will definitely go for jar racks.

My refrigerator with French doors will be dark brown in colour filled with fresh range of fruits and vegetables. It will stand next to microwave oven so that I can work according to the convenient working triangle.

On and all, I dream of choosing a fully-functional kitchen that is best in terms of aesthetics. And in addition to this choosing a sleek model design is something I have always been dreaming for since years.

So this is it! This is my kind of modular kitchen. What’s yours?