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Important Points to Consider While Choosing the Right Kitchen Bin

When you’re designing a kitchen, choosing the right garbage bin might not be the first thing on your mind – but it sure should be. The choice of a bin is one of the most important things, and considerable thought should go into choosing one.

Let’s first look at the kinds of trash bins available in the market these days…

First is the basic bin, the manual one that has a lid which simply needs to be lifted, every time you have some trash to throw. The advantage is, it comes really cheap.

Then, there is the pedal bin where you literally have a pedal to push down which opens the lid of the bin. The advantage here is, you don’t need to touch the lid with hands at all. It works really well in kitchens.

Push bin is the kind that works on a Spring mechanism. It opens on one side as you push the other side down. Here, you can use the trash in your hands to push the lid down, most of the times. But, it won’t always be possible; you’ll have to use hands to push it down. Many kitchens use this type of bin, though the pedal bins are more popular

The most expensive kinds are the automatic bins. They have an infrared motion detector which responds to even the slightest hand movement, making it a super sophisticated trash bin. You wouldn’t really find such a costly bin in an average modular kitchen in Trivandrum, Kochi, Ahmedabad, and so on.

Now, what are the significant features one must look out for while buying a trash bin for their kitchen?

Here are a few ideas…

Choose a bin with a capacity ideal to the space you have in the kitchen, as well as according to the number of people who’d be using it.

Now that we have many modular kitchens in Kochi, Trivandrum, etc. having different bins for different kinds of garbage – plastic, wet waste, dry waste, and so on – look for a bin that already has compartments.

While you might think it’s just a trash can, the design and aesthetic aspects of the bin matter as well. There is a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colours available in the market today. When you go to buy one, focus on both practical as well as visual factors.

Modular Kitchens in Trivandrum

Here is how to compose your modular kitchens in Trivandrum and other branches with Krios Kitchen

Today, the option of a modular kitchen is not just the choice of private developers to save money on furnishing large scale development and standardized apartments. It is a cost and time effective decision for planning the design of your future kitchen’s furniture and equipment as well. The advantage of the pre-built units is that it’s less expensive in terms of labor cost and installation than the traditional kitchen by carpenters. As the lifestyle has changed, the cuisine and home-cooked meals are constant in creating happiness.

However, the techniques have been improved and family life easier with new pieces of equipment. It is essential that you benefit from these improvements in technology and home designs while creating or renovating your kitchen space. Krios Kitchen offers different customizable contemporary designs of modular kitchen in Trivandrum, other cities of Kerala and Gujarat, to create good cooking area’s ergonomy. General stores of home furnishing may exhibit very attractive designs of modular kitchen in Trivandrum. However, the services and support of the expert teams of Krios Kitchen, from measurements to installation, ensure the possibility of customization and last-minute adjustments that you do not get otherwise.

Krios Kitchen helps you to think holistically and choose with precision, each element of your future modular kitchen. From the kitchen type to the carcase, shutter, countertops, hardware, accessories, sinks, and equipment. The main characteristics of the modular kitchen elements at Krios Kitchen are as follows. For the main carcase material, three options are preferred by our designers which are: the plywood, the medium-density fibreboard (MDF) and veneered MDF. As a composite material, the plywood ensures good stability for long-lasting quality. If you are looking at veneer finished designs, MDF is a more suitable material to opt for. The veneered finishing is most adapted to simple, neat shapes of the modular kitchen.

The shutters material and color can vary as per your requirements for a design that fits into the overall language of your interiors. They also vary in their installation, depending on the opening system. Then, you can decide the type of countertops among Corian, Marble, and Granite countertops. Finally, you can choose the hardware, sink, and accessories from different assortments. At Krios Kitchen, the modular kitchen in Trivandrum and other showrooms are displayed to show the customers the integration of the electrical equipment that includes ovens, microwave, hobs and hood or chimneys. More information and details on these elements, their definitions and how they work, can be explored in the Kitchen Buying Guides section of this platform.

modular kitchens in Trivandrum

4 Awesome Cabinet Door Styles For Your Modular Kitchen

So many people with modular kitchens in Trivandrum and just about every other place are increasingly getting bored of their same old design, with all the elements exactly as they were probably a decade ago. If you too are tired and feel like your kitchen is more than ready for a design overhaul, you’ve come to the right place. Without going through a mountain of expenses and disrupting the whole design by going for a complete remodel, there’s something even better and far easier you could do.

We’re talking about cabinet redooring. It’s an awesome way to update your kitchen, create a brand new look for space, without incurring huge expenses or a significant amount of downtime.

Now if you think this idea holds even a little bit of merit, you might find the few cabinet door ideas we have here, interesting…

Raised Panel Doors
The name itself suggests the feature that must be so unique about these cabinet doors. There’s a centre panel which, instead of being flat, is raised. The edging of such cabinet door is many times finished with a bevelled or contoured, that further adds to its overall appeal. This style proves to be a great fit for traditional or classic kitchen designs or the ones that are transitional in nature, for this a style that offers a lot of detail.

Slab Doors
These are hands-down, the simplest of all designs. They happen to be an awesome fit for contemporary or modern styles. As you’ll find out, slab doors do not have any depth to them or their drawer fronts, they are good at adding an appealing visual appeal for any kitchen. There are a lot of modular kitchens in Trivandrum wherein slab doors are used in laminate materials and wood mainly, with people opting amongst a variety of colours, as well as levels of sheen.

Recessed Panel
If you’re looking to add a little intrigue to your modular kitchen design, add a bit more visual depth to the cabinetry, then recessed panel doors are what you should go for. Not just the kitchen, but these will work fine in just about any room in your house. You can outline the centre panel with simple, or if you want, more elaborate profiles.

Shaker Doors
These cabinet doors almost always rank high on the popularity charts. Oftentimes, when you see a new construction around, you will see designers going for shaker cabinets. With their namesake being the ‘Shaker furniture style’, they’re made from a 4-piece frame that surrounds a flat centre panel. What you get in the result, is a simple and clean design which heavily implies function and utility. These doors look especially good when made from natural wood, or if you give them a painted finish.

Modular Kitchens in Trivandrum

Timeless Kitchens: The Art of Being Beautifully Retro, Yet Refreshingly Modern

Timeless kitchens have a way to exude a natural tranquillity, always look classic, and have a calming effect on anyone who walks into the room. Modular kitchens in Trivandrum, as well as many other cities, have been home to various elements and features that are beautifully retro, since just about forever.

But, what makes a timeless kitchen, and what makes people love such a kitchen?

That’s what we’ll see here…

What is it that makes any Kitchen, Timeless?

The feature that makes a timeless kitchen stand apart from its counterparts, is the way it ties the present with the past. The modular kitchens that we call timeless, come in various designs, such as rural, modern, traditional, luxurious, industrial – you name it, and you’ll find it, or someone will make it for you! But, irrespective of the design, these kitchens always tend to reflect the very personality of its owner – you’ll find antique pots and/or pans, mini-libraries housing interesting titles, music playing in the background that would suit a very specific taste, and art – different kinds of art filling the room that already might feel a bit artsy due to the natural colour palette you’d find on the walls there. Every single object feels like it has a role to play, or a story to tell when you place it in a timeless kitchen. Every bit of space in this kitchen would feel highly functional, and you would love gathering up with your loved ones for a hearty meal and maybe a coffee afterwards, herein.

Blend the Antique with the Modern!

We see so many timeless modular kitchens in Thiruvananthapuram and such other old cities of the country which have successfully been able to bring together the old and the modern. Mixing textures and materials from worlds that are just short of a century apart – that is blending in ceramic, wood, metal, glass, and stone – creating a harmonious atmosphere – is what a timeless kitchen is all about. You can have antique iron pots that probably your grandma used to use, and at the same time, also have vases depicting modern art, to make the space feel interesting and warm and homey. Even though it seems unexpected, the great thing about it is, that it nevertheless works. A great way to introduce an element of timelessness is through black and white veined marble. While it could hardly ever go wrong with marble countertops, you can very well experiment with this material.

Modular Kitchens in Trivandrum

Kitchen Countertops: Quartz isn’t Going Anywhere

For so many years, granite has been the dominant player in the kitchen countertop market. Especially, modular kitchens in Trivandrum, Bangalore, and most other cities, wherein owners prefer a countertop that is extremely durable and strong, on top of being good-looking, would almost always have granite.

Granite – The Falling King

But, soon enough people started noticing that granite has a serious downside – it’s porous. So, water, oils, wine, and such other liquids would frequently seep through the surface, therefore causing staining. What’s even worse, this would then encourage the breeding of various bacteria, turning the countertop surface unhygienic.

While the issue of porosity can be resolved if one seals the countertop surface with a non-porous sealant, there’s the problem of the sealant wearing off with time. It’s, therefore, only a temporary solution, and can be made permanent only if one is ready to reseal their granite countertop at regular intervals, throughout its lifetime.

Quartz – The Rising Star

On the other hand, quartz is already non-porous; hence, it never makes its owner go through the numerous bouts of regular re-sealing. It also means that quartz can stand against any possibility of staining, better than granite. This in turn means, a quartz kitchen countertop is easy to clean or maintain every day, and usually considered as one of the most naturally hygienic options for homeowners. To this, add the fact that it is one super strong and durable material; one can’t simply ignore the charm of quartz, and we know why this countertop material is here to stay!

One of the many added benefits of choosing quartz is that it comes in a variety of patterns, finishes, and colours; it is especially known for mimicking the look and finish of natural stone like nothing else! This year’s been great for quartz, and if the countertop manufacturers are to be believed with just a few minor improvements, it is going to establish its dominance in the market in no time at all.

Final Word…

We can see how quartz was introduced so that it could be a high-end alternative to the natural rock, granite, and it has proved its worth time and again. Modular kitchens in Thiruvananthapuram and other big cities should get ready for this material, for it’s definitely not going anywhere, anytime soon!

Modular Kitchens in Trivandrum

Open Shelving: A Better Alternative to Closed-Door Cabinets?

We all must have, at some point of time, been completely besotted with the idea of open kitchen shelves. Magazine covers and Internet has, since years, been flooding with beautiful pictures of open shelves adorning equally beautiful modular kitchens in Trivandrum. Of course, as are most things, open shelving isn’t a necessary option for every homeowner out there. But, people who love buying specialty pieces, or elegant dinnerware, usually want to put them on display; and open shelving makes for a great solution. If you keep it well organized, and you know you’ve bought just the right kind of shelves, then these open shelves can really create an interestingly unique style for your kitchen.

As there have been an increasing lot of people who are replacing their cabinetry with open kitchen shelves, one can see how it is fast becoming one of the hottest amongst all home and kitchen trends. While many people would never imagine giving up their closed door cabinetry, going with open shelves can prove to be extremely beneficial, both aesthetically as well as functionally. First off, it gives an illusion of a wider space, which one would especially want when they have a small kitchen. Then, it’s efficient in an obvious kind of way – you can actually see what has been placed where, and grab it without any difficulty, therefore saving time on opening cabinet door and looking for things.

A major tip for anyone interested in the idea, is to be careful about what they place on their shelves. While we’ve seen how it’s a good thing in functional terms, as you can reach out for reach things easily – it can only be as good aesthetically, if things you put out in the front are look-worthy. The fact that you can see everything means, evey bowl, glass, or utensil you put on your shelves, will have a direct impact on how the overall look and feel of your kitchen.

So, you could choose utensils that are similarly colored, to create a better uniformed look. Also, fruit bowls, mason jars, and wine bottles, can make alluring decorative pieces. Or, a unique decorating tip would be, using your favorite recipe books to adorn the shelves. You can take various elements and try to mix and match them; but, at the same time, do not forget to pay attention to individual styles and colors. Mix and match should not mean cluttering at all; try to create a more harmonious look. Shelves should not be built to hold every single utensil in your kitchen. With regards to that, there should be at least a base wall cabinetry to hold the rest of the items. Not only does it make easier to keep everything well organized, but it also helps modular kitchens in Trivandrum that maintain a sharp look.

Modular Kitchens in Trivandrum

Top Trends in Modular Kitchen Design

Organized layout, customized designs, maximum storage and sleek appearance are some of the major perks of modular kitchens that make them a highly sought after choice nowadays. As the name indicates, modular kitchen is created by assembling small sections together to fit the space. In addition to the latest set of accessories and appliances, modular kitchens in Trivandrum also offer an array of textures, finishes, material choices and more. Besides all the beauty and utility aspects, modular kitchens are easy to repair and maintain.

If you have decided to invest in setting up a modern kitchenette in your home, then it is wise to hire the services of a skilled interior designer at the earliest. But before you initiate your search for an experienced professional, make it a point to browse and check out the latest trends in modular kitchen designing in Thiruvananthapuram. In this blog post, we will outline the most trending concepts.

  • Bright and bold colour schemes: All-white or grey kitchen may look crispy and neat. But the changing trends have brought bold colours and textures to the scenario and have been gaining immense popularity now. Some of the common examples include a combination of bright red and midnight black, barn red and sage green, leafy green and white and more. If you are the one who loves the fresh appeal of white kitchen, then you may consider bit of colour by painting backsplashes, countertops or cabinetry. Variation of colours in a kitchenette can impart a great visual appeal, provided you choose the right set of colours and styles.
  • Layered lighting: Modular kitchens in Trivandrum or any other vicinity are following a layered approach in lighting design. Ambient, accent and task lighting units are combined in the perfect manner to create a bright and comfortable cooking space. No matter whether you choose layered approach or not, make it a point to invest in the best quality lighting scheme as it increases the comfort level and allows for safe movement inside your kitchen. Assigning each layer to a control device and making each layer separately programmable helps in creating different moods and visual scenes.
  • Pet friendly spaces: New kitchen design concepts have clearly taken the safety of your pets into account. Modular kitchens are now designed in pet-friendly manner by choosing right set of flooring, materials and finishes. In fact, kitchen designers will help you add a feeding station to your cabinetry or in the dead corner. One of the most popular styles is a kitchen island with built in dog bed under the counter top.

Keep these upcoming trends in your mind while searching for a kitchen design ideas. Make sure to pick the best ideas that combine the best in functionality and aesthetics to avail the best results.

Modular kitchens in Trivandrum

3 Interesting Ways to Make Your Minimal Kitchen Look More Interesting

Modular kitchens in Trivandrum and many cities in the country are these days being designed in a more minimalist way. People are more and more attracted to the idea of ‘less is more’; therefore the current times have already dictated most kitchen owners’ choice of modular kitchen design.

While it seems that maintaining a kitchen which is already minimalist in nature should be easy, it might be argued that keeping it free of clutter is probably a more difficult task. Let’s look at a few ways that can help you have a clutter-free minimalist kitchen…

Repeat materials
Minimalist kitchen is more about bringing a feeling of harmony and seamlessness to the space, than letting it stay austere and cold in comparison. It is only through a careful planning and editing, that one can truly make an entire space minimalistically designed. Take out what’s unnecessary, and don’t let anything in the kitchen add an element of discord in there; take your own time in settling on a material palette, and finally ensure that the end result appears quite well-coordinated, which will further help in making the kitchen look bigger than it is.

Use integrated reach-in pulls
How many times have we all bumped our knees in the pulls or knobs of the cabinet doors, or have our clothes got accidentally hooked and torn on them? Too many times, we’d say. But, not for this primary reason, and instead, because it would give your kitchen a very open and frankly a few precious inches more of space – you should get drawers and doors with integrated grooves, and not any attached hardware. Adding to the list of pros would be the fact that you’d no longer have to coordinate various pulls with different kinds of cabinets. You will have achieved the seamlessness of the kitchen without having to worry about any mismatch or a similar effect.

Play with neutral shades
One of the most powerful colors, also happens to be the king of neutral colors. We’re talking about the color white of course, and if you go for it, you’re definitely going to help your kitchen look bigger in size. To add more depth to the room, to emphasize the changes in the depth, you can try using various shades, again giving the kitchen a dramatic, a more visually appealing appearance. You can go for subtle grays, pair it with white for the main finish, and later use black or even a little bit of dark grey on the backsplash – this will further give an impression that the back wall is located farther away than it actually is. People with modular kitchens in Trivandrum, Ahmedabad, amongst other places have been trying out the neutral palette quite a lot these days!

Include a breakfast bar
Maybe the space in your kitchen is too narrow for you to have a peninsula or an island counter with a proper seating included in there; even so, you can have that additional counter-top, with a few stools placed in – just enough for you and your family to grab a quick bite every morning. The breakfast bar you’ll have thus will come in handy even when you decide to have a casual meal, or double as an extra work-space. What’s more? The constraint of space you felt before, will no longer worry you, as you can choose seats that can easily be tucked in completely under the counter when no one’s using them.

Modular Kitchens in Trivandrum

3 Easy Ways to Have a Kitchen Ergonomically Designed

Kitchen ergonomics is all about making a kitchen space more ideal for cooking and increasing its overall productivity. While a lot depends upon the working style of the person who uses the space, the design also holds a major key. That is why, modular kitchens in Trivandrum are among many which have started considering the following three important, yet easy pointers to achieve an ideal kitchen design…

Height of the kitchen counter should be customized well

Start with customizing the height of your kitchen counter-top, with respect to the one who’s going to be making the most use of this space. For a kitchen to have an ergonomic design, it is important that the kitchen user doesn’t feel any kind of strain or discomfort to the back while they’re cooking. For reference, use the position of the elbow, and then decide on the ideal height that the counter-top should have. The rule of thumb states that the kitchen counter should end just about 4 inches below from the elbow, while the person is in a standing position.

Turn corner units into accessible storage spaces

Almost every kitchen has corners that are almost impossible to access. These inaccessible corners are usually found in U-shaped and L-shaped modular kitchens. The good thing is, you can in fact use them, or rather convert them, in to functional spaces. You can optimize the storage offered by these corners, while turning them into accessible units where your utensils can be kept within an easy reach.

Have enough number of drawers

Get drawers installed in your kitchen, and make them adequate in number, as well as differently-sized to match the cookware, cutlery, and plates you have. These pull-out drawers should open to their full length, so that you can easily get a view of, and have an access to every stored item in there, without having to bend too much.

These were the three easy and amazing ways to make your kitchen ergonomically designed. Modular kitchens in Trivandrum have already started seriously thinking of how they can make their designs more efficient. And it’s great to see that many other cities are also following the suit!

Modular Kitchens in Trivandrum

3 Efficient Designs for Your Modern Modular Kitchen

Modern kitchen designs are based on clever layouts, that encourage an unobstructed movement across the space, decent amount of storage, and make cooking, if not easier, then at least no more difficult as well. With modular kitchens Trivandrum and other major cities opting for smart kitchen layouts, we thought why not list the top 3 designs found on bookmarked interior design magazine pages a lot!

So, here they are…

  • A U-shaped modular kitchen will make more sense to your taste, if you already have an affinity towards the layout of an open kitchen. Opting for a modern design, you will find that a signature peninsula functions well as a countertop, or double as a breakfast table, or works great as a place to enjoy your evening drinks. It’s a layout most suited for a relaxed mood mixed with deep conversations. You can choose to keep the refrigerator outside of your U-shaped layout, and thus make more space for your counters. With the stove as well as the sink maintaining a near-ideal distance between them, you are likely to see the foot traffic reduced to a bare minimum, and your productivity in the kitchen boost to the maximum!
  • Less is more – that is what minimalist design – the most popular form of design today, is all about. And so, it comes as no surprise that this new mantra is making heavy rounds in the field of modular kitchen design as well. This concept has brought to us the idea of placing all the major appliances, that include microwave, oven, cooktop, and so on, right in one corner; in addition, this corner should have a wall with an attached sink, right opposite to it. The principle of work triangle can thus prevail in such a kitchen, while making sure that this setup only increases the overall productivity of the kitchen!
  • Straight line kitchens are again one of the very common layouts followed by kitchens all over, and especially in India. They are already quite productive by themselves, as they allow appliances, ingredients, cooking tools, and such other kitchen items to be within an easy reach. These are also pretty fantastic at creating an illusion of more space than there’s actually available.

When it comes to well-kept and well-organized spaces, modular kitchens in Trivandrum ensure that they set a great example for their counterparts in other parts of the country. These, and many other tips and tricks have found their way in some of the most practical yet beautiful kitchens in this amazing city. So, what are you thinking? You feel, any of these tips might work for your kitchen as well?