Modular Kitchens in Thrissur

Ways to make your kitchen more spacious

The Kitchen is the most vital part of any house. It’s wherever delicious food and successively delicious recollections are created. Nowadays, with a lot of and a lot of folks residing in flats with restricted houses, there are constraints on the Kitchen house likewise. Modular kitchen in Thrissur Most homes has AN open Kitchen with simply enough house for day-after-day use likewise as storage.

If you’re employed in a very tiny kitchen, then don’t’ fret. With a couple of tips and tricks, any Kitchen will look extraordinarily spacious. With the appearance of technology, there are several fashionable and spacious Kitchen styles to settle on from. Interior designers work with home house owners to come back with up autochthonic, fashionable and spacious Kitchen styles, that not solely satisfy all necessities however additionally provides an elegant and chic feel. If this has you interested, browse on to grasp 5 alternative ways of making an out sized kitchen out of your tiny house.

Install Open Windows:

Kitchen areas need to own windows. If doable, interior designers prefer glass windows because it provides a sublime feel to the Kitchen and makes even the tiniest of areas look larger and higher. If you have got a glass window put in, you’ll open it within the morning after you enter the Kitchen and roll it down at sunset. AN open window can usher in light-weight and sunshine into the Kitchen, therefore giving it a much bigger and brighter feel.

Remove further Clutter:

A Small Kitchen is already troubled for the house and if a lot of litter is additional to that, it’ll look tiny. The most effective reply to this downside is to line up separate areas for all Kitchen objects like hardware, chopping things, vessels, storage things, etc. Keep everything in its place and store away the additional litter. This may naturally cause your Kitchen wanting a lot of spacious.

Set up diode lights:

Most of the current standard kitchens are currently ditching large-sized bulbs and fixing diode lights. These kinds of lights are most well-liked as a result of are economically-friendly and don’t unchained heat. The diode lights will work into any Kitchen house and with their lighting, build a little Kitchen space look larger than usual.

Install glass door cabinets:

Another great way of giving a spacious look to your restricted house is by fixing glass door cupboards. They need the twin advantage of adding more Kitchen to your Kitchen as a Modular kitchen in Thrissur to give the impression of being larger and have a unique attractiveness. In most kitchens, house owners install wood cupboards however this year for an amendment, do choose the glass door cupboards as they need a distinctive aura regarding them. Glass door cupboards could also be pricey as compared to wood cupboards, however, it’s a welcome custom Kitchen style plan.

Install shelf uppers:

One of the fashionable and spacious Kitchen styles is putting in shelf uppers if you have got a restricted Kitchen house. The largest good thing about fixing shelf uppers is that being one in every of the new Kitchen ideas, it adds to the aesthetics of the little Kitchen house, while not taking abundant an excessive amount of cargo deck.

Modular Kitchens Thrissur

Things to remember while designing your custom kitchen

Every individual has the dream of their home concept, complete with Kitchens, kitchen, furniture, and fittings of their selection. The trend, nowadays, is to try and do away with regular styles and gussy up the house with distinctive and customized ideas. Topping the list of customized styles is Kitchen interiors. With some facilitate from modular kitchen Thrissur premium and fashionable Kitchen styles, the Kitchen that you simply have invariably needed for can some become a reality. Listening to the below-mentioned points will be useful in shaping up the “dream kitchen”. Functional Kitchen:

While it’s simple to urge influenced by the flurry of Kitchen styles accessible within the market, one should provide importance to the practicality of the Kitchen style. Not all fancy styles can work for us, therefore it’s best suggested to seek out a middle ground between elegant styles and practicality.

Keep “Space” for Storage:

“Storage” and “ample space” are two things individuals have to be compelled to detain mind whereas conceptualizing their Kitchen style. Take care to incorporate enough cupboards, shelves, and pantries in your style to avoid muddle and chaos soon.

Explore different Options:

On the hunt for an efficient custom kitchen design, it invariably helps to stay all choices open. The client will flick through varied Kitchen style catalogs, browse the web and residential decoration magazines, books to urge a more robust plan of however their Kitchen ought to get on. Going through different choices instead of projected to single one style arrange can open up new ideas, which may be efficient furthermore.

Be sensible with Designs:

Another necessary purpose to notice is that one ought to be sensible whereas obtaining a custom Kitchen style. Select a style, which makes your time within the Kitchen time saving and productive. Select materials that are durable, water-resistant and most significant, simple to scrub. Keeping these points in mind whereas planning your Kitchen will certainly assist you within the long-standing time.

Consult Experts:

While you will have your plan of a tailored Kitchen, generally it helps to urge some knowledgeable recommendation. Style consultants like jeweled headdress provide a superb combination of ancient craft and fashionable, out-of-the-box ideas to present before you extremely functional custom Kitchen style. Modular kitchen Thrissur experienced designers will turn your dream kitchen into a reality. Intimate with designers can offer you a whole breakdown of all the aspects of customizing Kitchen like prices, materials needed, a form of cupboards, storage needed. This recommendation can assist you to decide upon the perfect custom Kitchen style of your dreams.

Modular Kitchens Thrissur

3 Design Must-Haves for Every Indian Kitchen

Kitchens are the heart of any home, and its design matters a lot. So, here we’re going to look at some must-haves that are both practical for your kitchen, as well as necessary to make your work easy and fun…

A Heavy-duty Countertop

Unlike many, Indian kitchens tend to see some heavy-duty cooking. There’s frying, adding a million spices, and a lot more on the top of large quantities of food prepared, as many live in joint families. So, it comes as no surprise when we see modular kitchens in Thrissur, Bangalore, Kochi, and so on give great preference to having a durable countertop. Mostly people go for quartz and granite as countertop materials. There are also households that prefer solid surfaces, like Corian. For your hardcore counter space, you will need a material that is non-porous, hardy, doesn’t stain easily, can stand up to a decent amount of wear and tear, and isn’t high maintenance.

An Independent Workstation

We were just talking about joint families or large families. With more amount of food, it’s a good thing that Indian kitchens usually see more than one person helping out with all the kitchen work. And this work doesn’t only entail cooking. There is pre-cooking preparation, washing and drying utensils, Keeping them in their right places, cleaning the countertop, and more. While having a large kitchen or even a kitchen island would solve most of these problems, not everyone can afford the ideal solution. So, at least to wash, peel, cut, and/or mash vegetables, mix ingredients, and such, a prep space could do the trick. An independent workstation can serve as the perfect solution in the less-than-ideal scenarios we have normally have in homes.

Let There Be No Smoke!

Didn’t we mention spices just a little while ago? And the word we used was ‘million’, right? While that is in fact an exaggeration, the amount of spices that are tempered to make a delicious Indian dish can make you sneeze, quite a bit! That makes ventilation go right at the top of the list of ‘things to get for your Indian kitchen. Chimneys weren’t as common a few years ago; but boy, are we happy that many modular kitchens in Thrissur, Kochi, Ahmedabad, etc. are becoming more and more aware of the benefits of proper ventilation. Also, don’t forget that having a well-placed window amounts to natural ventilation, which is an awesome way to encourage having a smokeless kitchen.

Final Thoughts…

In addition to these, some of the other things that kitchens in India do well with are – deep cabinets for huge pots and pans, double bowl sinks to bring some ease to washing utensils, and so on. When you move to a new house, or plan to redo your existing kitchen, do keep these points in mind to have an easily manageable kitchen in hand!

modular kitchens in thrissur

3 Reasons Why Remodelling Kitchen is Better Than Rebuilding It

More and more people are choosing modular kitchens in Thrissur, Kochi, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, and other cities, over more traditional kitchens.

If you have an old traditional kitchen, and are wondering whether you should go for a remodel or completely rebuild it, we might have some pointers to help you decide.

Here are 3 reasons why we think remodelling your modular kitchen would be a far better way to go, rather than rebuilding it from scratch…

Rebuilds Tend to be Bigger Projects

Compared to remodels, rebuild turn out to be bigger projects. Rebuilding your modular kitchen would usually mean changing the configuration of the space. It would take multiple professionals to help manage every stage of the project, starting right from the design to getting permission to demolish and construct. It would also include hiring a contractor and crew to tear down either all or even part of the property, in addition to a designer and crew to help you rebuild.

You Get to Keep Some Original Details

A remodel allows you to keep the character of your home intact. Even if you decide to change the footprint of certain rooms, such as the kitchen or the living space, you will find that contractors can either reuse materials or even find new materials that match the look and feel of the old ones with a remodel. If you feel attached to the charm, character, and history of your home, a remodel would make more sense for you.

Remodels Save Time

With remodels, you often don’t require meticulously-obtained permits, regulations, inspections, or too much of exterior work. Most newly-made modular kitchens in Thrissur, Trivandrum, Kochi, Ahmedabad, and so on are being remodeled instead of being rebuilt for the very same reason. This way considerably speeds up the project timeline.


While we do think remodelling a kitchen is the better choice, if you are looking to change the very structure of your kitchen, we’d say you rebuild it instead.