Modular kitchen Design

Tips To Renovate a Small Kitchen

Has your small modular kitchen have you worried? If it’s so, then you have no need to take any more stress about it. We have got some brilliant design ideas for you, so you can renovate your small kitchen to look a bit bigger, and a bit classier too!

Go For Mix and Match!
Not just colors, but mix and match various materials too.Instead of choosing to go for an all-wooden modular kitchen, or use laminates all over, choose granite, wood, laminates,, or even metals in a way that they look really cool together. Try to balance out the overall space in your modular kitchen.

Have Open Shelves
Open shelves look so chic! Just for the style value that open shelves add to any modular kitchen, should one go for it. Gone are the days when we used to have intricately designed doors for our kitchen cabinetry. We now want to showcase what’s inside, instead. For one, having the traditional cabinets makes the kitchen look like a closed box. Rather, when you see beautiful cookware, bone china crockery, and other pretty ceramic accessories – it adds variety and color to the whole space. Suddenly, your small kitchen starts showing a lot of character! So, go for open shelves for your modular kitchen.

Choose The Right Kitchen Lighting
Lighting has an extremely important role to play in any kitchen – because of its functionality, as well as the overall look that it lends to the whole space. And the same applies for a smaller kitchen – even more so in this case. With a yellow hue, for example, you can shadow the space beneath your kitchen cabinets – which wouldn’t have been possible had you gone for general lighting. You could even install such lights under the cabinets themselves, and have them point towards your countertop. That would definitely be a visual experience worth having!

Glass Will Easily Do The Trick!
Glass is as godsend if you want to make your kitchen look bigger, especially if you have any budgetary constraints. You can have your kitchen makeover at a very reasonable cost, and the virtual expansion of your modular kitchen that you’ll witness, will be more than worth it! You can have a single cabinet with glass door, or a glass island countertop – and these will just do the trick!

So, get on with these design steps now, and see your kitchen transform into your dream kitchen!

L shaped modular kitchen design

Why to Go for an L-Shaped Modular Kitchen?

L-shaped kitchen is undoubtedly one of the most easy and efficient kitchen design idea. When it comes to choosing an effective workspace, especially in a kitchen, isn’t it rather better to have a whole kitchen that makes up a greatly effective space?

That’s what an L-shaped kitchen does!

Let’s take a look at some of the unique advantages that an L-shaped kitchen has:

A Readymade Work Triangle!

Having the perfect work triangle is probably the most important thing to consider, when we think of any efficient modular kitchen. To ensure that we have the right measurements for a perfect work triangle, we’d have to go normally through the kitchen plans again and again. But the greatest advantage with choosing L-shaped modular kitchen design is that it naturally houses the perfect work triangle. Moving easily and more efficiently between your cook top, refrigerator, and your sink is absolutely no problem in an L-shaped kitchen!

More Than One Entrances

We can easily have 2 different ends to the kitchen, making one for exit and the other for an entry. This way, if there are more than one cooks in the kitchen, they can easily move in the kitchen. An L-shaped kitchen essentially makes the room more free flowing, and therefore making cooking stress free to a large extent.

It can Easily be an Open Kitchen

Like we just saw, a modular kitchen with an L-shaped design could easily be transformed into an open kitchen. All the extra room that you get with this kitchen makes it simple to open the kitchen to another room that can be easily used to have an extra dining space for your guests and all. You can therefore cook, without having to miss out on all the fun!

So, we can see that an L-shaped modular kitchen easily makes the space more relaxed and easy!

modular kitchens design

How Your Countertop Could Help You Reinvent Your Kitchen Design!

Countertops are the first thing we see when we enter a kitchen, and to say that we have never really given much thought to making the counter space more creative and more lively, just seems so unimaginable! But, it is absolutely true!

Modern day modular kitchen designs, though, are incomplete without their countertops being livened up. And therefore, we have come here with more than just a few ways to revv up your kitchen countertop, and thereby your whole kitchen:

  • Single colored countertops and cabinetry has almost always been a norm; so how about making the kitchen space a bit more lively? How about, having your countertop and cabinets in at least two contrasting colors? You could go for black and white – a bold choice that would be, nevertheless timelessly classic! Or, you could go for the refreshing lime green, sunny yellow, and such.
  • Instead of a plain colored countertop, you could even opt for something that’s patterned. It would pique the interest of anybody who visits your kitchen even once! For this, one of your options could be going for a striped or textured stone material.
  • Another way to introduce style to your kitchen would be by choosing a thick, that is around 3 – 5” thick countertop which gives your kitchen space a very stately look. You would, of course, have to adjust your cabinets’ heights accordingly, but it would be worth it!
  • When does anyone have to have seconds thoughts about using wood in the kitchen? The answer is, never. And the reason is, the kind of warm and elegant look that wood is able to give to a kitchen space is absolutely unrivalled! Wood butcher block countertops give a very timeless and classic look to the kitchen space, which is almost alway like by one and all!
  • While granite is quite the common option to choose for countertop materials, using stainless steel would be a refreshing choice to make! Not only would it give the kitchen a very different, yet fashionable look to your kitchen space!
  • Zinc is another metallic option that you could go for, and see your countertop develop a beautiful blue tone; especially as water or oil spills over the countertop, over time, will give it a rich toned look – much like the countertop’s own distinct metallic signature!
  • Going for a single color for your counter space, you could instead try something offbeat to make your modular kitchen design stand out from the crowd. You could choose a two-toned countertop, which would not only look extremely high-design but look like one of those really professional countertops found in chefs’ kitchens! You could use the combination of cold marble and stainless steel, or anything else you might deem fit!



Modular Kitchen

Luxury Furniture Design Ideas for Modular Kitchens

The modular kitchen franchise that you deal with, you have to make sure to give them a good idea of how you’d like your kitchen to look like – and for that you have to know that the overall look itself is incomplete without adding a pinch of luxury to the space. There are of course, many ideas out there, and many others that you could try on your own, without depending on any samples or luxury kitchen literature out there in the market; but here we are, with a few ideas to help you get started on the idea:

  1. The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about a luxury kitchen is wood finish. It adds more than just a pinch of sophistication to any kitchen – whether it be modern, traditional, chic, rustic, or of any other theme. Ad not just elegance, but wood finish gives the kitchen a sense of warmth. Wood is definitely an amazing material to work with, if it’s luxury and comfort that you’re looking for.
  1. Mismatched colors and making good use of contrasting paints is another great way to go about making your kitchen look luxurious. Use more of neutral colors – colors like white and beige always have an air of simplicity and grandeur about them. But reds and blacks are royal colors; especially if you go with one of the bright colors and have alternate swatches of these mixed with swatches of light colors – it would give your kitchen a beautiful look.
Modular Kitchens in Trivandrum

A Modular Kitchen Might be Just What You Need

Nowadays everyone is talking about Modular Kitchen in Trivandrum, and how everyone is keen on getting one for their house. And so we thought, let’s take a look at what is so special about these kitchens.

The Ease to Assemble, Disassemble and Reassemble

One of the biggest advantages that comes with having a modular kitchen is that it gives you ease – ease to install, to shift the whole kitchen, to modify, to get it altered or get it repaired – it’s all really easy with a modular kitchen.

It’s all Personalized

Nothing in a modular kitchen is such, that it can’t be altered. And so, a modular kitchen is effectively a personalized kitchen. Tailor made to your expectations and needs, each module in a modular kitchen is designed according to your requirement, the way you use your kitchen, and most importantly, your overall budget.

Beautiful Contemporary Designs

While there’s alway the option to go for a kitchen that you get made from scratch, getting various accessories from different places, and assembling them the way you think they’d look the best – with a modular kitchen, you don’t have to worry about the way your kitchen would look – because it would inevitably look stunning! The kind of kitchens that one sees in those celebrity home magazines, these modular kitchens would remind you of one of those.

It’s Organized

Organization must be the key to any fabulous kitchen, both in terms of the work that gets done there, and the way it looks. And with all the modules already in pace in a modular kitchen, the challenge becomes keeping it really messy. It’s easier to declutter with a modular kitchen, because of the storage spaces available for literally each and every thing belonging to your kitchen. So, every glass – every type of glass that you might own would have a designated pace of its own. Never would you have to keep things at the wrong places, just because that thing never had a right place ever.

Fits in appliances

A great, great advantage is the appliances that you get to fit in, in the spaces available to you. So, you might not have an Oven Toaster Grill (OTG), but a modular kitchen gives you a pred-designed space to fit in one, whenever you decide to buy. So, every time you buy a new appliance for your kitchen, your kitchen might have already thought about it, and reserved it some space in advance!

With so many pros of modular kitchens, there is only one question left for you to answer, “When are you getting one?”

Online modular kitchens: 5 benefits to take into account

The digital industry has entirely revolutionized the way we live, isn’t it? And due to several benefits and advantages, online shopping has become more popular these days. From small accessories to large appliances, furnishings, entire modular kitchens in Trivandrum are purchased online. And honestly speaking, nothing is wrong with that! After all, online shopping offers a variety of benefits and advantages. And unlike those physical stores, you won’t get lured to buy over a beautiful looking poster, sales messages or colors while with online stores you won’t have this pressure of buying unless and until you wish to buy.

Kitchen Design Idea

Apart from that one of the most obvious benefits of online shopping is its convenience. I mean where else you can shop comfortably anytime, be it 12 in the noon or 12 at mid night. The opportunity to shop 24/7 is something that’s only offered by online shopping portals and websites. And trust me there is no better place to buy things such as e-books, where your book gets downloaded on the instant basis, once the payment is done.

Another consideration is the Price. When you shop online products are quite cost effective because there is no middleman. Products come to you directly from the manufacturer or seller. In fact, during festive season many online portals offers discount coupons or cashback on a range of products including online modular kitchens.

Choosing product online gives you an amazing shopping experience. Here you have a wide range of options over each product, be it small like smartphones or large like an entire kitchen design. Online medium offers you plenty of products including all the latest and international brands without any botheration.

Lastly, in case you hate crowds and unnecessary chaos, plus parking becomes an annoying issue to you. With online shopping you can avoid all these issues up to a great extent.

Modular Kitchen

Modular Kitchens – Give Your Space a Refreshing Look

We live in the world where action speaks more than words, where women are no more limited to cooking and raising children and where technology keeps on moving forward making our lives simpler and better. Moreover today you will find numerous appliances and equipment around which plays a great role in making our lives more smooth and effortless for instance from smart phones, laptops to hair dryers to automobiles to kitchen appliances like hand mixi’s, microwave oven, refrigerators and so on. Well what’s more to say, you can either take it as a pure form of blessing or sparkling minds of humans, who designed such products and equipment which enhance our lives at every now and then.

Modular Kitchen

Modular Kitchen

Now let’s focus on your kitchen area for a while, designing an appropriate, user friendly kitchen is not an easy task, one needs to know certain things before getting a makeover for your cooking space.

Step 1: Start With Type and Designs of Modular Kitchen

Today internet has grown so big that many times I feel like it has become my substitute. From smallest hair clips to large items like cars, modular kitchens, homes, we browse everything. Besides you will find several growing sites which offer you best range of type and designs such as compact modular kitchens to L shaped, U shaped, parallel and so on especially when it comes to buy Modular Kitchens Online.

Step 2: It’s Time For Some Measurements

Well don’t get me wrong, by measurement I mean after finalizing the type and design, one should think where he or she will be going to place the kitchen. I mean if you are thinking to buy modular kitchens which are already made then you must consider installing several furnishings such as cabinets, drawers, racks, shelves and so on. Here you can seek help from a professional at any point of time.

Step 3: How to Buy Modular Kitchen?

Don’t get shocked over here, today you have several options around, I mean if you want you can buy best modular kitchens from a retail shop nearby or you can think of purchasing kitchens online. I am sure you will find many websites which serve as one stop destination where you can buy anything and everything.