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Why to Go For Matt Kitchen Finishes?

Matt modular kitchens are more about understated charm and luxury. The kind of luxurious look that you can expect from a matt kitchen is that of a subtle and refined kind. If you construct this type of kitchen and give it a high-quality finish, be assured that you’d be going for one of the most stunning looking kitchen spaces!

Let’s look at some of the rare unique qualities that only a matt kitchen can offer you:

  • Matt surface means that it doesn’t reflect light like a gloss kitchen. Because they prefer absorbing rather than reflecting, matt modular kitchens go for more of a muted and subtle appearance, rather than being a bit loud and shiny.
  • It doesn’t need light for its colors to maintain a definitive hue. Unlike its counterpart, a matt kitchen uses more solid base of colours. The colour consistency isn’t lost in the wait for the right kind of lighting.
  • The colours, further, have a wider range for someone who wants a matt kitchen, especially the kitchen doors. These colors, in a similar way as gloss modular kitchens, work great, when used in combination with other colors.
  • Being scratch resistant and durable are two of the other great qualities of matt modular kitchens that you can rely upon.
  • While these are easy to clean, just like gloss kitchens are, having surfaces that do not accentuate smudge marks or fingerprints, gives them a brownie point there too.
  • You will find a really wide range of matt kitchen finishes available easily in the market. Not just finishes, but colors as well, and at wide range of prices too.
  • You can have wooden worktops in your matt kitchen to give it a beautiful country cottage look.
  • If you include acrylic worktops in your matt finished modular kitchen, you could have a modern themed kitchen at hand.
  • You could even add a pinch of gloss to your matt kitchen by going for worktops made from granite.
  • A contemporary finish could be obtained by mixing and matching white cabinetry with dark granite worktop.

So, you can see how you can have yourself a beautiful and sophisticatedly designed kitchen, if you go for a matt finish. You will always have the choice between going for a more traditional scheme, or a modern one, or even something that combines the both, making everyone happy!

Modular Kitchen Design

How to Design a Perfect Looking Indian Kitchen?

Indian Food is full of spice and delight, and in order to have such mouth-watering dishes, one must have a healthy as well as a systematic looking cooking space. However today many companies aim to offer best designs in reference to good looks and better functionality. Today an Indian kitchen design incorporates from comfortable furnishing to cabinets, drawers, pull outs, appropriate storage system and the list goes on.

Now in order to get the best product around first you need to search on some of the best manufacturing and supplying companies that offers products and services right on the basis of your needs and specifications. For this, you can simply go through several websites or decide upon the recommendations given by your friends and relatives. So what are you sitting tight for? Don’t waste an inch in choosing the company that you feel right for your existing space.

Coming back to several Modular Kitchen Ideas, here you can think of simply channelizing your drawer systems in such a way that it becomes quite easy to pull out and take your equipment such as bowls, plates, containers, jars required for that specific use. In fact, channelizing makes work faster, time and energy saving and convenient.  Now every individual has a different taste, choice and style and keeping that in mind you should place your tools and equipment’s ranging from sink, refrigerator, microwave oven, dishwasher and the list goes on. Self-customization is the best way to design a cooking space as it offers some freedom to design for yourself, but make sure you consult some professionals so that there is no scope of mistake or regret.

Shelves, racks and trays can work wonders for you whether you place them on the countertops or anywhere else. Indian homes aren’t just known for cooking delicious food but for fast cooking, thus you need to place products nearby so that you can easily work with ingredients like ghee, oil, spices, without any kind of interruption.

On and all, try shaping your kitchen, be it L or U or parallel depending on the given area. For example, if you have large area then L shapes are best or else parallel can be considered for small cooking spaces.