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Why to Go For Matt Kitchen Finishes?

Matt modular kitchens are more about understated charm and luxury. The kind of luxurious look that you can expect from a matt kitchen is that of a subtle and refined kind. If you construct this type of kitchen and give it a high-quality finish, be assured that you’d be going for one of the most stunning looking kitchen spaces!

Let’s look at some of the rare unique qualities that only a matt kitchen can offer you:

  • Matt surface means that it doesn’t reflect light like a gloss kitchen. Because they prefer absorbing rather than reflecting, matt modular kitchens go for more of a muted and subtle appearance, rather than being a bit loud and shiny.
  • It doesn’t need light for its colors to maintain a definitive hue. Unlike its counterpart, a matt kitchen uses more solid base of colours. The colour consistency isn’t lost in the wait for the right kind of lighting.
  • The colours, further, have a wider range for someone who wants a matt kitchen, especially the kitchen doors. These colors, in a similar way as gloss modular kitchens, work great, when used in combination with other colors.
  • Being scratch resistant and durable are two of the other great qualities of matt modular kitchens that you can rely upon.
  • While these are easy to clean, just like gloss kitchens are, having surfaces that do not accentuate smudge marks or fingerprints, gives them a brownie point there too.
  • You will find a really wide range of matt kitchen finishes available easily in the market. Not just finishes, but colors as well, and at wide range of prices too.
  • You can have wooden worktops in your matt kitchen to give it a beautiful country cottage look.
  • If you include acrylic worktops in your matt finished modular kitchen, you could have a modern themed kitchen at hand.
  • You could even add a pinch of gloss to your matt kitchen by going for worktops made from granite.
  • A contemporary finish could be obtained by mixing and matching white cabinetry with dark granite worktop.

So, you can see how you can have yourself a beautiful and sophisticatedly designed kitchen, if you go for a matt finish. You will always have the choice between going for a more traditional scheme, or a modern one, or even something that combines the both, making everyone happy!

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Tips To Renovate a Small Kitchen

Has your small modular kitchen have you worried? If it’s so, then you have no need to take any more stress about it. We have got some brilliant design ideas for you, so you can renovate your small kitchen to look a bit bigger, and a bit classier too!

Go For Mix and Match!
Not just colors, but mix and match various materials too.Instead of choosing to go for an all-wooden modular kitchen, or use laminates all over, choose granite, wood, laminates,, or even metals in a way that they look really cool together. Try to balance out the overall space in your modular kitchen.

Have Open Shelves
Open shelves look so chic! Just for the style value that open shelves add to any modular kitchen, should one go for it. Gone are the days when we used to have intricately designed doors for our kitchen cabinetry. We now want to showcase what’s inside, instead. For one, having the traditional cabinets makes the kitchen look like a closed box. Rather, when you see beautiful cookware, bone china crockery, and other pretty ceramic accessories – it adds variety and color to the whole space. Suddenly, your small kitchen starts showing a lot of character! So, go for open shelves for your modular kitchen.

Choose The Right Kitchen Lighting
Lighting has an extremely important role to play in any kitchen – because of its functionality, as well as the overall look that it lends to the whole space. And the same applies for a smaller kitchen – even more so in this case. With a yellow hue, for example, you can shadow the space beneath your kitchen cabinets – which wouldn’t have been possible had you gone for general lighting. You could even install such lights under the cabinets themselves, and have them point towards your countertop. That would definitely be a visual experience worth having!

Glass Will Easily Do The Trick!
Glass is as godsend if you want to make your kitchen look bigger, especially if you have any budgetary constraints. You can have your kitchen makeover at a very reasonable cost, and the virtual expansion of your modular kitchen that you’ll witness, will be more than worth it! You can have a single cabinet with glass door, or a glass island countertop – and these will just do the trick!

So, get on with these design steps now, and see your kitchen transform into your dream kitchen!

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How Does One Design Their Own Kitchen?

We live in a world today where everything can be done for us. And in the time of the mighty Internet, we even get the ready product delivered right at our doorstep.

And it’s a good thing really!

But however ready and customized a product we might get, we always wish to add a little something extra from our own side – a final touch, if we might say so. The same goes for a kitchen. The most sacred place in our homes, we are indebted to our kitchens for our whole lives! And the least we can do is, give it our personal touch of design – our very own modular kitchen idea!

So then the question arises, how? How do we do it?

It’s quite simple actually. Here, take a look:

  • When you buy cabinetry for your kitchen, remember that no rulebook says “the pricier, the better.” It’s fortunate for us that the most expensive thing doesn’t always be the best choice. But it’s a little stupid of us to somehow always fall for this trap. So, choose according to your taste, and what you think would go well with the interiors of your kitchen. Look for colors and the material used in making the cabinets, and then make a choice.
  • When it comes to adding color to your kitchen, think long-term. Instead of going for a color that is the most popular, go with something that you personally feel comfortable with. Also, try to match it well with all the accessories that you’d be adding to your kitchen space. You could even take help of a professional in choosing the best combinations and hues for space – but don’t let them take the whole charge of it; tell them how you would like to perceive your kitchen.
  • Choose to decorate your kitchen well. We think of putting beautiful showpieces in the drawing room, or apply feng shui to the bedroom, and so on. But, how often do we think of making our kitchen look really pretty? It’s one thing to have a basic hygiene, which is extremely important, and we’re sure you take care of it. But, it’s another thing to put effort, to say create a kitchen garden in the back, or have small pots installed in the kitchen, or have beautiful memories and pictures up the kitchen, etc.

A good designer will help you – no doubt about that; but for them to help you build your dream kitchen, you need to be as involved in the process as you can be. A modular kitchen idea is incomplete if doesn’t have the larger input from the owner of the kitchen!

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The Classic Color Ideas For Your Modular Kitchen

As we think about getting our kitchens renovated, what do we think of doing first?

The first thought is always about colors.

Sure, there are cabinets to be changed, the countertop to be revived, and certain finishes to be given. But what use would all of these accessories be, without a color in our minds? One simply cannot go about deciding on themodular kitchen design ideas without taking color into account.

So, here are a few very chic, and very classic colors that you could seldom go wrong with, for your kitchen!

The Elegant Navy

Oh so serene, this color never fails to come across as something that’s chic and sophisticated! It kind of reminds one of one of those really crisp navy blue suits the tone wears with clean white shirts, or even wood-finished cabinetry that look gorgeous in navy blue. With the right kind of lighting, you can have a lot of fun with this color in your kitchen. You can also think different ways in which you could introduce the color – like, a single mosaic tile, or navy bar stools for your island counter, or something like that. But simply having navy blue walls, with maybe a touch of gold or gray would be totally awesome too!

The Ever Impressive Metallics

What’s the harm in having a little glitz here, a bit of glamour there! We say, there’s no harm, plus we think it’s absolutely needed! Modular kitchen designs are incomplete if we don’t find a way to add a some of the classic metallic to it. With really classy silver, brass, or copper accents, you can make your kitchen have that extra bling, without having to dig deep in your pockets. Also, a superb lighting would give that little accentuation, a little extra shine! And as you follow this addition with say, a brass teakettle, or rimmed drinkware, you know you have a perfectly dashing kitchen in your hands!

Gray and its Shades!

Everyone who said that grays are boring didn’t actually see gray in all its glory! One of the cleanest and chic colors, gray used properly, extends subtlety and elegance to space. Instead of going for small accessories, make gray go for larger features. So, a great way to use this color to your advantage would be painting your cabinets gray. Or, you could even take a feature wall, and paint it thus. The other ideas include choosing graystone for your countertop or having your kitchen floor made from ash-gray herringbone tiles. A textured wood or polished brass finish would go brilliantly with this color.


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How Your Countertop Could Help You Reinvent Your Kitchen Design!

Countertops are the first thing we see when we enter a kitchen, and to say that we have never really given much thought to making the counter space more creative and more lively, just seems so unimaginable! But, it is absolutely true!

Modern day modular kitchen designs, though, are incomplete without their countertops being livened up. And therefore, we have come here with more than just a few ways to revv up your kitchen countertop, and thereby your whole kitchen:

  • Single colored countertops and cabinetry has almost always been a norm; so how about making the kitchen space a bit more lively? How about, having your countertop and cabinets in at least two contrasting colors? You could go for black and white – a bold choice that would be, nevertheless timelessly classic! Or, you could go for the refreshing lime green, sunny yellow, and such.
  • Instead of a plain colored countertop, you could even opt for something that’s patterned. It would pique the interest of anybody who visits your kitchen even once! For this, one of your options could be going for a striped or textured stone material.
  • Another way to introduce style to your kitchen would be by choosing a thick, that is around 3 – 5” thick countertop which gives your kitchen space a very stately look. You would, of course, have to adjust your cabinets’ heights accordingly, but it would be worth it!
  • When does anyone have to have seconds thoughts about using wood in the kitchen? The answer is, never. And the reason is, the kind of warm and elegant look that wood is able to give to a kitchen space is absolutely unrivalled! Wood butcher block countertops give a very timeless and classic look to the kitchen space, which is almost alway like by one and all!
  • While granite is quite the common option to choose for countertop materials, using stainless steel would be a refreshing choice to make! Not only would it give the kitchen a very different, yet fashionable look to your kitchen space!
  • Zinc is another metallic option that you could go for, and see your countertop develop a beautiful blue tone; especially as water or oil spills over the countertop, over time, will give it a rich toned look – much like the countertop’s own distinct metallic signature!
  • Going for a single color for your counter space, you could instead try something offbeat to make your modular kitchen design stand out from the crowd. You could choose a two-toned countertop, which would not only look extremely high-design but look like one of those really professional countertops found in chefs’ kitchens! You could use the combination of cold marble and stainless steel, or anything else you might deem fit!



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Luxury Furniture Design Ideas for Modular Kitchens

The modular kitchen franchise that you deal with, you have to make sure to give them a good idea of how you’d like your kitchen to look like – and for that you have to know that the overall look itself is incomplete without adding a pinch of luxury to the space. There are of course, many ideas out there, and many others that you could try on your own, without depending on any samples or luxury kitchen literature out there in the market; but here we are, with a few ideas to help you get started on the idea:

  1. The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about a luxury kitchen is wood finish. It adds more than just a pinch of sophistication to any kitchen – whether it be modern, traditional, chic, rustic, or of any other theme. Ad not just elegance, but wood finish gives the kitchen a sense of warmth. Wood is definitely an amazing material to work with, if it’s luxury and comfort that you’re looking for.
  1. Mismatched colors and making good use of contrasting paints is another great way to go about making your kitchen look luxurious. Use more of neutral colors – colors like white and beige always have an air of simplicity and grandeur about them. But reds and blacks are royal colors; especially if you go with one of the bright colors and have alternate swatches of these mixed with swatches of light colors – it would give your kitchen a beautiful look.
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Cast Iron Sinks: Pros and Cons

As you decide to buy modular kitchen for yourself, you see that choosing a kitchen sink comes off as one of the topmost priorities. And it should be. And because there are so many types of sinks available in the market, there is enough reason for you to understand each and every sink material properly, and then make your choice.

So, here’s a list of pros and cons of cast iron sinks, to make you understand them better:

What’s so great about cast iron sinks?

When it comes to durability, it’s really hard to beat this one. Not just are these sinks massive, they also don’t dent like stainless steel, or crack like any other solid surface.

Not just strong, but a cast iron sink looks great as well. The glossy finish that porcelain enamel gives it, adds an element of visual appeal to it. Available in a number of colours, a cast iron sink gels well with almost any kitchen design theme or concept.

You wouldn’t need to hire anyone to install this one. A cast iron sink is already heavy in weight, which helps it remain in place, and doesn’t require anything to hold it, especially because of the sealant that surrounds it to help keep it secure in its place.

What’s not so great about cast iron sinks?

The porcelain enamel that gives the cast iron surface a beautiful finish, is also prone to chipping and wearing off. Especially, if you use abrasive cleaners or try to aggressively clean it – you might just wear it off.

Rusting is another problem that you might face with cast iron sink. If you let the porcelain get chipped off, the cast iron surface underneath could easily attract rust.

When you renovate or buy your modular kitchen, you might not need anyone to help you install this sink; but you would need solid fixtures to help it support itself. The weight of these sinks is too much for them to keep steady without help.

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Kitchen Countertops: Why would Quartz be a Good Choice?

There are a lot of materials available in the market, that you can choose from to build your kitchen countertop. And with such a wide range of choice, suppliers of modular kitchens in Surat, Ahmedabad, Rajkot, and all major cities always try to aid the customer by making all there is to know about every raw material.

And to make that process a bit easier, we have come up with a few reasons why you should choose Quartz as your countertop material:

1. Everyone has a budget, and so would you when you start with renovating your kitchen. And when it comes to bringing home value for money, Quartz is one stone that definitely comes to mind. A stone that looks as great as, but comes at a lower cost than the expensive granite, Quartz would especially be of great help, if you’re planning to have a large countertop. As the size your counter increases, the cost will increase too. So, you can easily go for Quartz.

2. You can have Quartz look the way you want it to. Unlike other stones, here you can talk to the manufacturer who can get the slab made in whatever texture and color that you want. There is a higher control over the appearance in this case, which helps. Also, the added benefit is that Quartz slab does not have any surface defects that one would have to cut around, and so the cost doesn’t go up too.

3. Quartz has the distinct make of 93% natural quartz and 7% resin binder. What makes it really unique is the fact that a Quartz slab would have the same thickness as slabs made from other materials, and would be cut and finished using the same equipment as others, but it is actually stronger than granite and marble.

4. Another feature that it makes it really easy to work with, is the fact that it doesn’t have pores. Unlike marble and granite, which have tiny capillary-like channels running between the minerals, Quartz has no such thing. And that’s why, it’s stain-resistant, and never needs any sealing. It’s a wonderful quality for a kitchen countertop.

5. This one’s a scratch resistant material. Quartz being the kind of durable stone that it is, doesn’t require a lot maintenance, and only basic standard care to make it look fabulous all year long.

6. Unlike granite, which is dyed commercially and loses that colour and appearance after a few years, Quartz is manufactured in various colours which remain consistent, making the countertops look amazing even after years of use.

If you are looking to build a modular kitchen in Surat, you can contact Krios Kitchens – one of the best modular kitchen suppliers in the city, and our team will get back to you.

Types of Kitchen Countertops

With people getting more and more familiar with the concept of modular kitchens, and not just in showrooms and magazines, but in a more practical manner – the things that make a kitchen, kitchen, are what people are interested in knowing about. And this is the question that modular kitchen suppliers in Surat, Ahmedabad, Rajkot, and every other major city is helping people get a good answer to.

One of the most important things that you look for in a modular kitchen, is the countertop. What a countertop does in a kitchen, is absolutely clear. But, what material would help it be more a part of the kitchen, help getting all the work done, and be as less-maintenance as possible – those are the questions that we’ll help you answer by describing a few various materials that you you could use in building the countertop.

When it comes to building or remodeling kitchen countertops, Granite always makes the top of the list of potential raw materials. While it does give a kitchen an air of sophistication and looks expensive – it does in fact cost a bit more than others. That said, granite, if installed properly and sealed good too – your countertop is going to last a long time. Available in so many different patterns, designs, and colors, you can definitely think about getting this one.

Solid surfaces
Countertops with solid surfaces, like those made out of Swanstone or Corian are great, as they can endure scratches and chips, better than some others; but they are not heat resistant, making them a little unsuitable for keeping say, hot pan on them. They don’t stain easily, and needless to say, they come tough.

Something that is better than granite, when it comes to the colors in which it is available, scratch resistance property, and most importantly – something that doesn’t have a porous surface. That’s quartz. But, obviously, it’s quite expensive – more expensive than granite. So, make your choice accordingly.

A good option for your countertop would be laminate. It doesn’t just come with a smooth surface that is easy to clean, but being made from plastic-coated synthetic material, this one can be easily cut to size, is inexpensive, and great if you like to change things every few years. With laminate surfaces though, the problem is with them getting chips and scratches quite easily – and they’re almost impossible to repair.

Stainless steel
Contemporary kitchens, you’ll see, employ stainless steel. While steel makes countertops more durable, resilient, and give them a beautiful and seamless look – you might find them noisy, expensive, and could even get dented, if hit hard enough. Also, you obviously won’t be able to cut on steel surface.

If you’re looking to build modular kitchens in Surat, please contact Krios Kitchens – one of the best modular kitchen suppliers in Surat, and our team will get back to you!

Interior Designing your House? Start With your Kitchen!

Why start with the kitchen?

Kitchen, in every home, is more than just the place where you cook your food. Kitchen is truly an abode – your home inside the home! If you’re thinking about renovating your house, or even if you’re designing it right from the scratch, your kitchen would be a great place to begin from. Kitchen is that one place that you use extensively on a regular basis. Cooking is one of those things that isn’t just a regular activity that one does mechanically everyday, but it needs a certain atmosphere, a certain ambience too. And that’s why remodeling a kitchen needs a lot of thought put into it; and as people owing a modular kitchen in Surat would amply agree, having a modular kitchen makes things not juts easier, but makes the whole process more effective, and much more fun.

How to balance aesthetics and functionality?

We already said that it’s easier to work with kitchens that are modular in nature – and we absolutely stand by that statement. Starting with the functionality, these kitchens are tailor-made for the people who use them, helping in making the process of cooking more interesting and delightful. Whether it’s the appliances that you’d like to fit in, the perfect work triangle that you’d like to work within, or the accessories that you’d like your kitchen to own – everything is possible – easily possible.

Aesthetics would again depend upon the person’s style, the kind of interior decoration they’d like for their whole house to have, and be such that doesn’t interfere with the utility of the kitchen – rather, maintains a good balance with it.

Some of the pointers could be:

  • While cabinets should be placed according to how frequently one uses them, and according to the height of the user – the materials used to make those cabinets should also give a good aesthetic touch to the kitchen area.
  • Colors chosen to paint the kitchen should not just be aesthetically pleasing, but should have a certain agreeable effect on the person who has to cook the food – who uses the area every day.
  • There must be a chimney – that is necessary; but the kind of chimney to have would be decided by how much cooking happens on the hob.
  • Things that appear smaller in the larger scheme of things, such as types of faucets used in the kitchen – are actually really important. Whether you use a pull-out faucet, or a pull-down one, or a double handle faucet – it totally depends upon you and your kitchen.

These are few tips on designing or re-designing your modular kitchen, If you own a modular kitchen in Surat, or would like to own one, we at Krios Kitchens would always be happy to take care of your queries and help you out!