Modular Kitchens in Kochi

3 Unique and Magnificent Oversized Backsplashes

Kitchen trends change like fashion – it seems for every creation and design, there’s a season, and then they magically disappear. Right now, the season of back-splashes if upon the modular kitchens in Kochi, Ahmedabad, Ernakulam, and basically just about everywhere. Over-sized back-splashes are one of those really pervasive trends, which add quite a subtle, but definitely a wow factor to any kitchen space.

Here are three utterly magnificent backslashes to inspire your next kitchen design or redesign:

● You can go with a hint of green – and not just any green – but sea foam green. It will add to the crisp feel of the kitchen, bring in a garden-like atmosphere inside the space. You would require high-precision plate glass back-splash installation, which accommodates all the outlets and every appliance without a hassle. Do not try this one, unless you know a professional contractor to help you with it.

● You could install a backsplash that supersizes an existing backsplash. It would give the impression of an accent wall, and without a doubt, look superb. The opulence of such a backsplash would be unmatchable. So, you should definitely try this one.

● The other thing is, you could try and add a metallic effect to your kitchen, especially if the space already is a bit colorful. Go for one wall tiled with Silver glass Lapazo tiles; it will turn out to be utterly pleasing to the eyes, and have a rather magical effect on the surrounding environment.

These are a few of the many ways you can introduce unique back-splashes in your modular kitchen in Kochi, or wherever it might be. You could even come up with your own original, and therefore unique idea. If you do, let us know about it!