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Rainy Day or Small Apartment: Here’s How You Do Indoor Grilling Right!

If only every single day be the perfect day, weather-wise, what a wonderful world it would be! No harsh sun, no heavy rains! Fantastic. And to add to all the glory, what if we all could live in homes facing a beautiful yard! It would be pretty awesome, right?

But we don’t live in a perfect world enjoying ideal weather all day, every day while living in huge, impressive homes. So, of course, having an outdoor grill does not make sense for most of us.

To make the option of indoor grilling more fun, more interesting, but more importantly – more viable – for you, here are some life-changing hacks:

No need to go expensive

Indoor grilling in your modular kitchen in Bangalore doesn’t necessarily need a panini press. And don’t go shopping for an elaborate indoor grilling system either. Instead of spending money on something that sounds useful, but is just fancy, buy yourself a cast-iron pan. It won’t burn a hole in your pocket, and you will find that it is, in fact, quite useful.

The Better You Slice, The Better You’ll Grill

Everyone wants their vegetable to be perfectly grilled and cook fast. For that, you need to slice veggies into no more than one-and-a-half-inch pieces. The other way is to stick to vegetables such as mushrooms or asparagus that are already quite small in size.

Oil is bad; or is it?

Oil is bad. That’s the word on the street. But, oil is what you’ll need to save your food from getting burnt. It’s essential that you oil everything that you grill – and on both sides too. Even if it’s not a chunk of meat or paneer, even if it’s just some loose herbs – oil them. Don’t let your food be all burnt and icky after all the effort you put into it.

Keep It Clean

We are sure you have a beautiful modular kitchen in Bangalore; we wouldn’t want you to ruin it just because you grilled indoors. You are obviously going to create some mess, even if you follow all our tips. Just like you do after every cooking session, clean it afterwards. Keep a damp rag right next to the grill, all the time you’re working on it. Make a mess, clean it, and repeat it. It’ll help.

And so,

Did you like these hacks? We really hope these will help you every time you decide to set up a grill in your kitchen. Indoor grilling is a great way to be with your family, and have great conversation over amazing food!

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3 Design Must-Haves for Every Indian Kitchen

Kitchens are the heart of any home, and its design matters a lot. So, here we’re going to look at some must-haves that are both practical for your kitchen, as well as necessary to make your work easy and fun…

A Heavy-duty Countertop

Unlike many, Indian kitchens tend to see some heavy-duty cooking. There’s frying, adding a million spices, and a lot more on the top of large quantities of food prepared, as many live in joint families. So, it comes as no surprise when we see modular kitchens in Thrissur, Bangalore, Kochi, and so on give great preference to having a durable countertop. Mostly people go for quartz and granite as countertop materials. There are also households that prefer solid surfaces, like Corian. For your hardcore counter space, you will need a material that is non-porous, hardy, doesn’t stain easily, can stand up to a decent amount of wear and tear, and isn’t high maintenance.

An Independent Workstation

We were just talking about joint families or large families. With more amount of food, it’s a good thing that Indian kitchens usually see more than one person helping out with all the kitchen work. And this work doesn’t only entail cooking. There is pre-cooking preparation, washing and drying utensils, Keeping them in their right places, cleaning the countertop, and more. While having a large kitchen or even a kitchen island would solve most of these problems, not everyone can afford the ideal solution. So, at least to wash, peel, cut, and/or mash vegetables, mix ingredients, and such, a prep space could do the trick. An independent workstation can serve as the perfect solution in the less-than-ideal scenarios we have normally have in homes.

Let There Be No Smoke!

Didn’t we mention spices just a little while ago? And the word we used was ‘million’, right? While that is in fact an exaggeration, the amount of spices that are tempered to make a delicious Indian dish can make you sneeze, quite a bit! That makes ventilation go right at the top of the list of ‘things to get for your Indian kitchen. Chimneys weren’t as common a few years ago; but boy, are we happy that many modular kitchens in Thrissur, Kochi, Ahmedabad, etc. are becoming more and more aware of the benefits of proper ventilation. Also, don’t forget that having a well-placed window amounts to natural ventilation, which is an awesome way to encourage having a smokeless kitchen.

Final Thoughts…

In addition to these, some of the other things that kitchens in India do well with are – deep cabinets for huge pots and pans, double bowl sinks to bring some ease to washing utensils, and so on. When you move to a new house, or plan to redo your existing kitchen, do keep these points in mind to have an easily manageable kitchen in hand!