Modular Kitchens in Trivandrum

Here is how to compose your modular kitchens in Trivandrum and other branches with Krios Kitchen

Today, the option of a modular kitchen is not just the choice of private developers to save money on furnishing large scale development and standardized apartments. It is a cost and time effective decision for planning the design of your future kitchen’s furniture and equipment as well. The advantage of the pre-built units is that it’s less expensive in terms of labor cost and installation than the traditional kitchen by carpenters. As the lifestyle has changed, the cuisine and home-cooked meals are constant in creating happiness.

However, the techniques have been improved and family life easier with new pieces of equipment. It is essential that you benefit from these improvements in technology and home designs while creating or renovating your kitchen space. Krios Kitchen offers different customizable contemporary designs of modular kitchen in Trivandrum, other cities of Kerala and Gujarat, to create good cooking area’s ergonomy. General stores of home furnishing may exhibit very attractive designs of modular kitchen in Trivandrum. However, the services and support of the expert teams of Krios Kitchen, from measurements to installation, ensure the possibility of customization and last-minute adjustments that you do not get otherwise.

Krios Kitchen helps you to think holistically and choose with precision, each element of your future modular kitchen. From the kitchen type to the carcase, shutter, countertops, hardware, accessories, sinks, and equipment. The main characteristics of the modular kitchen elements at Krios Kitchen are as follows. For the main carcase material, three options are preferred by our designers which are: the plywood, the medium-density fibreboard (MDF) and veneered MDF. As a composite material, the plywood ensures good stability for long-lasting quality. If you are looking at veneer finished designs, MDF is a more suitable material to opt for. The veneered finishing is most adapted to simple, neat shapes of the modular kitchen.

The shutters material and color can vary as per your requirements for a design that fits into the overall language of your interiors. They also vary in their installation, depending on the opening system. Then, you can decide the type of countertops among Corian, Marble, and Granite countertops. Finally, you can choose the hardware, sink, and accessories from different assortments. At Krios Kitchen, the modular kitchen in Trivandrum and other showrooms are displayed to show the customers the integration of the electrical equipment that includes ovens, microwave, hobs and hood or chimneys. More information and details on these elements, their definitions and how they work, can be explored in the Kitchen Buying Guides section of this platform.