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Timeless Kitchens: The Art of Being Beautifully Retro, Yet Refreshingly Modern

Timeless kitchens have a way to exude a natural tranquillity, always look classic, and have a calming effect on anyone who walks into the room. Modular kitchens in Trivandrum, as well as many other cities, have been home to various elements and features that are beautifully retro, since just about forever.

But, what makes a timeless kitchen, and what makes people love such a kitchen?

That’s what we’ll see here…

What is it that makes any Kitchen, Timeless?

The feature that makes a timeless kitchen stand apart from its counterparts, is the way it ties the present with the past. The modular kitchens that we call timeless, come in various designs, such as rural, modern, traditional, luxurious, industrial – you name it, and you’ll find it, or someone will make it for you! But, irrespective of the design, these kitchens always tend to reflect the very personality of its owner – you’ll find antique pots and/or pans, mini-libraries housing interesting titles, music playing in the background that would suit a very specific taste, and art – different kinds of art filling the room that already might feel a bit artsy due to the natural colour palette you’d find on the walls there. Every single object feels like it has a role to play, or a story to tell when you place it in a timeless kitchen. Every bit of space in this kitchen would feel highly functional, and you would love gathering up with your loved ones for a hearty meal and maybe a coffee afterwards, herein.

Blend the Antique with the Modern!

We see so many timeless modular kitchens in Thiruvananthapuram and such other old cities of the country which have successfully been able to bring together the old and the modern. Mixing textures and materials from worlds that are just short of a century apart – that is blending in ceramic, wood, metal, glass, and stone – creating a harmonious atmosphere – is what a timeless kitchen is all about. You can have antique iron pots that probably your grandma used to use, and at the same time, also have vases depicting modern art, to make the space feel interesting and warm and homey. Even though it seems unexpected, the great thing about it is, that it nevertheless works. A great way to introduce an element of timelessness is through black and white veined marble. While it could hardly ever go wrong with marble countertops, you can very well experiment with this material.

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