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Kitchen Countertops: Quartz isn’t Going Anywhere

For so many years, granite has been the dominant player in the kitchen countertop market. Especially, modular kitchens in Trivandrum, Bangalore, and most other cities, wherein owners prefer a countertop that is extremely durable and strong, on top of being good-looking, would almost always have granite.

Granite – The Falling King

But, soon enough people started noticing that granite has a serious downside – it’s porous. So, water, oils, wine, and such other liquids would frequently seep through the surface, therefore causing staining. What’s even worse, this would then encourage the breeding of various bacteria, turning the countertop surface unhygienic.

While the issue of porosity can be resolved if one seals the countertop surface with a non-porous sealant, there’s the problem of the sealant wearing off with time. It’s, therefore, only a temporary solution, and can be made permanent only if one is ready to reseal their granite countertop at regular intervals, throughout its lifetime.

Quartz – The Rising Star

On the other hand, quartz is already non-porous; hence, it never makes its owner go through the numerous bouts of regular re-sealing. It also means that quartz can stand against any possibility of staining, better than granite. This in turn means, a quartz kitchen countertop is easy to clean or maintain every day, and usually considered as one of the most naturally hygienic options for homeowners. To this, add the fact that it is one super strong and durable material; one can’t simply ignore the charm of quartz, and we know why this countertop material is here to stay!

One of the many added benefits of choosing quartz is that it comes in a variety of patterns, finishes, and colours; it is especially known for mimicking the look and finish of natural stone like nothing else! This year’s been great for quartz, and if the countertop manufacturers are to be believed with just a few minor improvements, it is going to establish its dominance in the market in no time at all.

Final Word…

We can see how quartz was introduced so that it could be a high-end alternative to the natural rock, granite, and it has proved its worth time and again. Modular kitchens in Thiruvananthapuram and other big cities should get ready for this material, for it’s definitely not going anywhere, anytime soon!

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