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Kitchen is the most crucial area in your home where a lot of activities take place. And that is why it is important to design it to be both functionally and visually appealing. Choosing modular kitchens in Thiruvananthapuram or any other locality is the best way to attain efficient and elegant kitchenette. There are a number of layouts, themes and patterns available from which you can make a pick. But what makes modular kitchen a highly sought after choice among people is its customization attributes.

Depending on the needs and budget limits, you can personalize your kitchen design. So, if you have decided to purchase modular kitchens in Trivandrum, then it is important to design the right layout. Although the new-age modular kitchens are the most worthy investments, the question is how to choose a layout best suited for your home.

  1. Keep the kitchen triangle clear and open: Considered as one of the time-tested concepts, the kitchen work triangle refers to the sink, stove and refrigerator. According to the theory, all these work areas should form a triangle with shortest distance in between. Since sink, stove and refrigerator typically sees the most action, it is important to ensure easy access to all those areas. So, regardless of the kitchen size and space, make it a point to keep the work triangle unobstructed and traffic-free.
  2. Incorporate adequate counter space: When you have a small and crammed counter space, it will affect the whole cooking experience. Whether you do prepping, cooking or washing, you do it on the counter space. And when the counter-tops are small or packed with stuff, it would be daunting and time consuming to clear out the space and complete cooking. Hence, you need to design separate counters dedicated to each phase of the cooking process located in equally adequate distance.
  3. Come up with the best lighting plan: It is always advised to confirm and design a lighting plan before assembling modular kitchen. Since all the kitchen activities demand superior lighting, make sure to create adequate number of zones of light to provide flexibility. Layer ambient, task and accent lighting units to create a well illuminated cooking space.
  4. Add up storage space: The primary benefit of modular kitchen is maximum storage efficient and optimization. If you think built-ins and other architectural add-ons are expensive, consider making the best use of available space. Design storage spaces that are easily accessible. Hiring the services of a skilled interior designer or kitchen designer will help in making the most out of wasted space in a kitchenette.
  5. Choose proper ventilation: A properly ventilated kitchen helps in maintaining indoor air quality. You don’t want those obnoxious odour and smoke from kitchen ruining the whole dining experience, isn’t it? A good ventilation system helps you get rid of stale and dirty air from the kitchen. Moreover, it will make your kitchen cleaner and pleasant.

Working with a professional interior designer is the smartest way to design a beautiful and efficient kitchen in your home.

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