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3 Upgrades That Your Modern Kitchen Should Absolutely Look Forward To!

People are constantly thinking of ways to upgrade their modular kitchens in Kochi, Bangalore, Ernakulam, and so on; and we’re nothing but happy about it!

We have come where with three of our own ideas that you could inculcate in your upgradation plans for your kitchen.

Induction cooking

Talk about a safe as well as aesthetically pleasing way to upgrade your modern kitchen, and introducing induction cooking seems like the easiest answer. Amongst the many reasons to love it, one is that it radiates a lesser amount of heat, and stays cool even while you’re cooking on it. Plus, now you have zone less induction hobs available in the market, which are way more versatile than their old counterparts, allowing you to keep smaller to larger pans easily on their surfaces. Other than you needing special cookware which is induction-friendly, there is no other special considerations you might have to take.

LED lighting

Technology is growing, and so should your kitchen. There was a time when LED lighting used to give one chills; but no more! This amazing energy saving technology, that gives you bubs lasting longer than even fluorescent and halogen bulbs, can e now introduced in a variety of ways in your kitchen. Install it as down lights, as up lights, or maybe as accent lighting, in order to offer your kitchen a more efficient while chic way of getting lit up!

Integrated appliances

We usually keep appliances out in the open, on the kitchen countertop, or the island countertop. But, doesn’t that mean you have to clean them for dust every single day, even when you haven’t used it, and aren’t even planning on use it that day? Moreover, it also makes the appliances lose their sheen after a while. So then, a great way for your modern kitchen would be integrating these appliances into your kitchen, with the help of cover paneling, and amazing built-ins. With your appliances tucked behind closed doors, would give your kitchen counter more of a designer look, making it appear as it’s a custom piece of furniture, and not simply a kitchen counter!

Modular kitchens in Kochi, or some other city, they are all looking to get upgraded, looking for new ideas that they can inculcate to make them more technology efficient, and functionally effective. Which one of these upgrades do you think would make your kitchen take a step towards a technologically and otherwise efficient future?

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