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Kitchen Themes: Looking Beyond the Obvious

Kitchen styles are many, but all of them usually start and end with stainless steel, now don’t they! So, we have here at least three such styles, which will take you to a design space that’s beyond the obvious; and if we know anything, we know that your Modular kitchen in Kochi, Ernakulam, or Ahmedabad is worth it.

Classic kitchens

Keeping it simple, and following some of the most loved age old traditions, is what makes a design classic. Then, a classic kitchen would be one that dons beautiful white or cream color for its cabinets, or even offer black accents which a homeowner could make into however they please.

Paris bistro kitchens

Who doesn’t want a bunch of exquisite looking cookware, charming tiles, and of course intimate lighting to come home to? And so, it’s high time you introduce a high-end Parisian style to your modular kitchen.

Eclectic kitchens

If you’re one with a sense of humour that defies conventions, if you’re someone who refuses to fit into a pigeonhole, then an eclectic kitchen will fit your needs like a good gove fits a hand! Apply your equal love for modern as well as rustic to your new kitchen, and you’ll have a beautiful eclectic mix to go home to every day.

Mediterranean style kitchens

Call them Spanish revival kitchens if you like, but the charm of hand-painted tiles, the beauty of beamed ceilings, and the simplicity of warm wood cabinets can neither be overstated, nor be ignored! It comes as no surprise then, that Mediterranean-style modular kitchens are such a big hit these days.

These are some of our favorites modular kitchen designs and themes, which can easily stand you apart from the usual stainless kitchens. They would all work great for a modular kitchen in Ernakulam, Ahmedabad, and every other city!

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