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Cabinet Paint Colors: Moving on From the Neutrals

Wherever you go, be it a Modular kitchen in Kochi or one in Ahmedabad, it seems white, grey, brown, and black are the most popular shades of cabinet paint that you’ll find. It’s almost got to the point of boring. But, the more frustrating thing is, people don’t opt for one of these colors out of a real choice – they do so because they think cabinet colors don’t matter!

Well, here’s a news for every one of you – the way your cabinets look, they color they’ve been painted with, has a huge impact on the overall look of the kitchen. So, if you’re happy with your cabinetry, then that’s great! But, if you’re looking to revamp the look a bit, then we might be able to help you!

Fiery orange

Not just any shade of orange, but one that comes off as a little bit of a shock to the eyes, can prove to be just what your kitchen needs. You can run this color over the lower cabinetry, especially if you have an open kitchen. This way, it won’t in any way, intrude with more calmer subtle finishes in the adjacent areas.

Sky blue

You can introduce sky blue color to your kitchen through your cabinets, and bring out the best of this color if you go for a waxed finish, and complement it by deep orange and gold hues.

Tomato Red

To give your kitchen a jazzy look, there could be no other color better than a beautiful tomato red! Red cabinets lend cheerfulness to a kitchen like nothing else does.

Lemon yellow

Next in the list is lemon yellow. It’s one of those colors that bring brightness to a space. Even if you’re feeling a bit lazy someday, this color will put right in the mood to kick start your beautiful day.

Pistachio green

Another way to have a charming kitchen is to have pistachio green colored cabinets in there. This color is soothing in nature, especially when used in a kitchen that has a vegetable garden attached to it; an airy kitchen would get a perfect look and feel with a touch of pistachio green.

Whether it’s a modular kitchens in Kochi, Bangalore, Ernakulam, or some other city, it can always be further beautified! These are a few of the preferences that we shared with you, so that you can have your cabinets redefine your kitchen space in maybe small, but a certain way.

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