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Natural Gas: Why or Why not would it be perfect For Your Modular Kitchen?

Natural Gas is one of the best energy saving options that you can come across. And on top of being such an efficient source of energy, it’s quite inexpensive as well. People across the country, many of the modular kitchens in Kochi and other cities are now getting more and more aware about natural gas as an alternate source of energy for cooking. People are beginning to get curious on the subject, asking good questions, and really taking the environment friendliness aspect of natural gas, very seriously.

It is inarguably the cleanest fuel that’s available out there. Emitting about 45 percent lesser carbon dioxide than its counterpart coal, natural gas would be without a doubt, a wonderful choice for any modular kitchen.

Why do some people refrain from opting for natural gas?

There are a couple of reasons for people being a little wary before deciding to choose natural gas over its alternatives. One of the problems that one might face is, that cooking on natural gas could introduce nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, and even formal dehyde at times as byproducts of combustion, in the kitchen. You could handle the situation by having an exhaust hood, but even that would give you around 70% success rate. You would still have some of these pollutant gases left in your kitchen space.

Another thing is, natural gas is sourced through fracking or hydraulic fracturing as they call it. This process constitutes injecting water – millions of gallons of water – deep into the earth, along with chemicals and sand as well. This unusual combination is induced under extremely high pressure, in order to break up rock formations and release the natural gas. Few people have researched into it, and they have found that this process might be a big reason that groundwater is getting contaminated. Many countries are in the process of banning fracking, for studies have shown its adverse effect on the water we drink.

In conclusion…

So, like most things that we come across, natural gas too has a lot to offer, but has some cons as well. So, it will be up to you to decide whether you want to go for this option or not. Nevertheless, it is not as important as to choose natural gas appliances as it is to choose appliances that are Eco-friendly.

Several modular kitchens in Kochi and other cities are now gearing up to look at the brighter side of using natural gas, which is a positive sign. Meanwhile, what have you thought about it?

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