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Has your small modular kitchen have you worried? If it’s so, then you have no need to take any more stress about it. We have got some brilliant design ideas for you, so you can renovate your small kitchen to look a bit bigger, and a bit classier too!

Go For Mix and Match!
Not just colors, but mix and match various materials too.Instead of choosing to go for an all-wooden modular kitchen, or use laminates all over, choose granite, wood, laminates,, or even metals in a way that they look really cool together. Try to balance out the overall space in your modular kitchen.

Have Open Shelves
Open shelves look so chic! Just for the style value that open shelves add to any modular kitchen, should one go for it. Gone are the days when we used to have intricately designed doors for our kitchen cabinetry. We now want to showcase what’s inside, instead. For one, having the traditional cabinets makes the kitchen look like a closed box. Rather, when you see beautiful cookware, bone china crockery, and other pretty ceramic accessories – it adds variety and color to the whole space. Suddenly, your small kitchen starts showing a lot of character! So, go for open shelves for your modular kitchen.

Choose The Right Kitchen Lighting
Lighting has an extremely important role to play in any kitchen – because of its functionality, as well as the overall look that it lends to the whole space. And the same applies for a smaller kitchen – even more so in this case. With a yellow hue, for example, you can shadow the space beneath your kitchen cabinets – which wouldn’t have been possible had you gone for general lighting. You could even install such lights under the cabinets themselves, and have them point towards your countertop. That would definitely be a visual experience worth having!

Glass Will Easily Do The Trick!
Glass is as godsend if you want to make your kitchen look bigger, especially if you have any budgetary constraints. You can have your kitchen makeover at a very reasonable cost, and the virtual expansion of your modular kitchen that you’ll witness, will be more than worth it! You can have a single cabinet with glass door, or a glass island countertop – and these will just do the trick!

So, get on with these design steps now, and see your kitchen transform into your dream kitchen!

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