Modular kitchen Design

Tips To Renovate a Small Kitchen

Has your small modular kitchen have you worried? If it’s so, then you have no need to take any more stress about it. We have got some brilliant design ideas for you, so you can renovate your small kitchen to look a bit bigger, and a bit classier too!

Go For Mix and Match!
Not just colors, but mix and match various materials too.Instead of choosing to go for an all-wooden modular kitchen, or use laminates all over, choose granite, wood, laminates,, or even metals in a way that they look really cool together. Try to balance out the overall space in your modular kitchen.

Have Open Shelves
Open shelves look so chic! Just for the style value that open shelves add to any modular kitchen, should one go for it. Gone are the days when we used to have intricately designed doors for our kitchen cabinetry. We now want to showcase what’s inside, instead. For one, having the traditional cabinets makes the kitchen look like a closed box. Rather, when you see beautiful cookware, bone china crockery, and other pretty ceramic accessories – it adds variety and color to the whole space. Suddenly, your small kitchen starts showing a lot of character! So, go for open shelves for your modular kitchen.

Choose The Right Kitchen Lighting
Lighting has an extremely important role to play in any kitchen – because of its functionality, as well as the overall look that it lends to the whole space. And the same applies for a smaller kitchen – even more so in this case. With a yellow hue, for example, you can shadow the space beneath your kitchen cabinets – which wouldn’t have been possible had you gone for general lighting. You could even install such lights under the cabinets themselves, and have them point towards your countertop. That would definitely be a visual experience worth having!

Glass Will Easily Do The Trick!
Glass is as godsend if you want to make your kitchen look bigger, especially if you have any budgetary constraints. You can have your kitchen makeover at a very reasonable cost, and the virtual expansion of your modular kitchen that you’ll witness, will be more than worth it! You can have a single cabinet with glass door, or a glass island countertop – and these will just do the trick!

So, get on with these design steps now, and see your kitchen transform into your dream kitchen!

modular kitchen idea

How Does One Design Their Own Kitchen?

We live in a world today where everything can be done for us. And in the time of the mighty Internet, we even get the ready product delivered right at our doorstep.

And it’s a good thing really!

But however ready and customized a product we might get, we always wish to add a little something extra from our own side – a final touch, if we might say so. The same goes for a kitchen. The most sacred place in our homes, we are indebted to our kitchens for our whole lives! And the least we can do is, give it our personal touch of design – our very own modular kitchen idea!

So then the question arises, how? How do we do it?

It’s quite simple actually. Here, take a look:

  • When you buy cabinetry for your kitchen, remember that no rulebook says “the pricier, the better.” It’s fortunate for us that the most expensive thing doesn’t always be the best choice. But it’s a little stupid of us to somehow always fall for this trap. So, choose according to your taste, and what you think would go well with the interiors of your kitchen. Look for colors and the material used in making the cabinets, and then make a choice.
  • When it comes to adding color to your kitchen, think long-term. Instead of going for a color that is the most popular, go with something that you personally feel comfortable with. Also, try to match it well with all the accessories that you’d be adding to your kitchen space. You could even take help of a professional in choosing the best combinations and hues for space – but don’t let them take the whole charge of it; tell them how you would like to perceive your kitchen.
  • Choose to decorate your kitchen well. We think of putting beautiful showpieces in the drawing room, or apply feng shui to the bedroom, and so on. But, how often do we think of making our kitchen look really pretty? It’s one thing to have a basic hygiene, which is extremely important, and we’re sure you take care of it. But, it’s another thing to put effort, to say create a kitchen garden in the back, or have small pots installed in the kitchen, or have beautiful memories and pictures up the kitchen, etc.

A good designer will help you – no doubt about that; but for them to help you build your dream kitchen, you need to be as involved in the process as you can be. A modular kitchen idea is incomplete if doesn’t have the larger input from the owner of the kitchen!

L shaped modular kitchen design

Why to Go for an L-Shaped Modular Kitchen?

L-shaped kitchen is undoubtedly one of the most easy and efficient kitchen design idea. When it comes to choosing an effective workspace, especially in a kitchen, isn’t it rather better to have a whole kitchen that makes up a greatly effective space?

That’s what an L-shaped kitchen does!

Let’s take a look at some of the unique advantages that an L-shaped kitchen has:

A Readymade Work Triangle!

Having the perfect work triangle is probably the most important thing to consider, when we think of any efficient modular kitchen. To ensure that we have the right measurements for a perfect work triangle, we’d have to go normally through the kitchen plans again and again. But the greatest advantage with choosing L-shaped modular kitchen design is that it naturally houses the perfect work triangle. Moving easily and more efficiently between your cook top, refrigerator, and your sink is absolutely no problem in an L-shaped kitchen!

More Than One Entrances

We can easily have 2 different ends to the kitchen, making one for exit and the other for an entry. This way, if there are more than one cooks in the kitchen, they can easily move in the kitchen. An L-shaped kitchen essentially makes the room more free flowing, and therefore making cooking stress free to a large extent.

It can Easily be an Open Kitchen

Like we just saw, a modular kitchen with an L-shaped design could easily be transformed into an open kitchen. All the extra room that you get with this kitchen makes it simple to open the kitchen to another room that can be easily used to have an extra dining space for your guests and all. You can therefore cook, without having to miss out on all the fun!

So, we can see that an L-shaped modular kitchen easily makes the space more relaxed and easy!