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How Your Countertop Could Help You Reinvent Your Kitchen Design!

Countertops are the first thing we see when we enter a kitchen, and to say that we have never really given much thought to making the counter space more creative and more lively, just seems so unimaginable! But, it is absolutely true!

Modern day modular kitchen designs, though, are incomplete without their countertops being livened up. And therefore, we have come here with more than just a few ways to revv up your kitchen countertop, and thereby your whole kitchen:

  • Single colored countertops and cabinetry has almost always been a norm; so how about making the kitchen space a bit more lively? How about, having your countertop and cabinets in at least two contrasting colors? You could go for black and white – a bold choice that would be, nevertheless timelessly classic! Or, you could go for the refreshing lime green, sunny yellow, and such.
  • Instead of a plain colored countertop, you could even opt for something that’s patterned. It would pique the interest of anybody who visits your kitchen even once! For this, one of your options could be going for a striped or textured stone material.
  • Another way to introduce style to your kitchen would be by choosing a thick, that is around 3 – 5” thick countertop which gives your kitchen space a very stately look. You would, of course, have to adjust your cabinets’ heights accordingly, but it would be worth it!
  • When does anyone have to have seconds thoughts about using wood in the kitchen? The answer is, never. And the reason is, the kind of warm and elegant look that wood is able to give to a kitchen space is absolutely unrivalled! Wood butcher block countertops give a very timeless and classic look to the kitchen space, which is almost alway like by one and all!
  • While granite is quite the common option to choose for countertop materials, using stainless steel would be a refreshing choice to make! Not only would it give the kitchen a very different, yet fashionable look to your kitchen space!
  • Zinc is another metallic option that you could go for, and see your countertop develop a beautiful blue tone; especially as water or oil spills over the countertop, over time, will give it a rich toned look – much like the countertop’s own distinct metallic signature!
  • Going for a single color for your counter space, you could instead try something offbeat to make your modular kitchen design stand out from the crowd. You could choose a two-toned countertop, which would not only look extremely high-design but look like one of those really professional countertops found in chefs’ kitchens! You could use the combination of cold marble and stainless steel, or anything else you might deem fit!



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