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Cast Iron Sinks: Pros and Cons

As you decide to buy modular kitchen for yourself, you see that choosing a kitchen sink comes off as one of the topmost priorities. And it should be. And because there are so many types of sinks available in the market, there is enough reason for you to understand each and every sink material properly, and then make your choice.

So, here’s a list of pros and cons of cast iron sinks, to make you understand them better:

What’s so great about cast iron sinks?

When it comes to durability, it’s really hard to beat this one. Not just are these sinks massive, they also don’t dent like stainless steel, or crack like any other solid surface.

Not just strong, but a cast iron sink looks great as well. The glossy finish that porcelain enamel gives it, adds an element of visual appeal to it. Available in a number of colours, a cast iron sink gels well with almost any kitchen design theme or concept.

You wouldn’t need to hire anyone to install this one. A cast iron sink is already heavy in weight, which helps it remain in place, and doesn’t require anything to hold it, especially because of the sealant that surrounds it to help keep it secure in its place.

What’s not so great about cast iron sinks?

The porcelain enamel that gives the cast iron surface a beautiful finish, is also prone to chipping and wearing off. Especially, if you use abrasive cleaners or try to aggressively clean it – you might just wear it off.

Rusting is another problem that you might face with cast iron sink. If you let the porcelain get chipped off, the cast iron surface underneath could easily attract rust.

When you renovate or buy your modular kitchen, you might not need anyone to help you install this sink; but you would need solid fixtures to help it support itself. The weight of these sinks is too much for them to keep steady without help.

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U-shaped Kitchen Layout: Pros and Cons

One of the versatile and really popular designs of modular kitchens in Ahmedabad as well as almost every other city in the country, U-shaped kitchens were initially developed as a result of a lot of research and planning. And sure enough, the hard work paid off, and we got a kitchen design that makes it a comfortable and easy place to house the most important part of any household.

But like everything else, this kitchen design too has its own pros and cons. So, before you make your choice for your kitchen’s design, you should go through the following points:

Benefits of U-Shaped Kitchens:
It provides separate zones for preparing the food, cooking it, washing the dishes, and so on.

Unlike an L-shaped kitchen, a U-shaped one has three adjacent walls that contour the whole kitchen, giving one more counter space to work on, as well as keep the appliances on.

Another parameter that a U-shaped kitchen usually provides an advantage in, is the way it doesn’t allow much of chaos to set in, in the kitchen. Because this typical design of a kitchen isn’t very good in allowing too much traffic, one usually doesn’t  get a lot of spills and all – your chances to work in peace in such a kitchen might actually be quite high.

Drawbacks of U-shaped Kitchens:

A U-shaped modular kitchen must have its two ‘legs’ at least 10 feet apart, making it not very suitable for small spaces. Also, without an island-kind of countertop in the middle, the whole space could prove to be too large for some people for practical uses.
While every kitchen has things that one rarely uses, and we’re always looking for spaces that could keep them stored, the bottom corner cabinets of this type of kitchen could be used for such a purpose; the reason for it being, those cabinets are usually too difficult to be accessed on a daily basis.

Forming a kitchen work triangle gets a bit difficult here, ue to the distance between two ‘legs’, as we discussed, unless you put an island counter in the center which could be used to place either the cooktop, or have a sink installed in it.

For modular kitchens in Ahmedabad, you can contact Krios Kitchens, and our team will help you build a modular kitchen that fits your home’s design, and your sense of style, while keeping your convenience and comfort as the first priority!

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Modular Kitchens: MDF vs. Particle Board

The question one asks just after deciding to get one’s kitchen renovated or getting a brand new modular kitchen is – what material to use?

Suppliers of modular kitchens in Surat, Ahmedabad, Rajkot, and all other cities know that both MDF and particle board have their own sets of pros as well as cons. But, the trick is to use those pros and cons to the full advantage of the consumer.

And just so you can take the right decision, based on your set of requirements, we bring you a some factors and some individual attributes that differentiate these two materials:

  • mdf
  • Compressing small wood fibers, glued together with special resin, under huge amount of temperature and pressure, is what creates Medium Density Fiberboard or what is popularly known as MDF.
  • Particle Board
    Also an engineered material, Particle Board is made when large wood fibers or sawdust are glued together.
  • MDF is much more thicker and it is stronger too, owing to the high density of the material. This also gives it an enhanced durability, compared to particle board.
  • Lower density of this material makes Particle Board have reduced strength compared to MDF.
  • Boards made from MDF are heavier; they weigh more than particle boards.
  • Light in weight compared to MDF, particle board has lesser density than the former.
  • Very good, if you have some intricate designs in mind to get crafted on the wood work, as MDF is brilliant to have custom designs added to it. Even the kitchen cabinets can be custom made quite easily, if they’ve been made using MDF.
  • While particle board is designed to build heavy standing furniture, when it comes to adding versatility to the designs, it doesn’t do
    much good – not as good as MDF.
  • MDF has a surface that is always available with a membrane finish, which makes it an amazing base for veneer. The smooth finish also makes it a great choice for building kitchen cabinets, giving them an elegant look.
  • The rough pre-laminated look of particle board makes it quite an apt material to carve cabinet shelves and backend from. Unless it is laminated, particle board comes with a rough surface owing to a pre-laminated exterior.
  • MDF comes at a higher cost, due to its greater strength, durability, and versatility.
  • Particle board is relatively inexpensive, because it less strong as well as less versatile.
  • You can get MDF Boards under two options; Plain and Membrane
  • Particle Boards are also available in two varieties: Plain and Pre-laminated.

If you are thinking of getting a modular kitchen in Surat, Krios Kitchens and it steam of brilliant professionals would be more than happy to help you design the your dream kitchen!

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Kitchen Countertops: Why would Quartz be a Good Choice?

There are a lot of materials available in the market, that you can choose from to build your kitchen countertop. And with such a wide range of choice, suppliers of modular kitchens in Surat, Ahmedabad, Rajkot, and all major cities always try to aid the customer by making all there is to know about every raw material.

And to make that process a bit easier, we have come up with a few reasons why you should choose Quartz as your countertop material:

1. Everyone has a budget, and so would you when you start with renovating your kitchen. And when it comes to bringing home value for money, Quartz is one stone that definitely comes to mind. A stone that looks as great as, but comes at a lower cost than the expensive granite, Quartz would especially be of great help, if you’re planning to have a large countertop. As the size your counter increases, the cost will increase too. So, you can easily go for Quartz.

2. You can have Quartz look the way you want it to. Unlike other stones, here you can talk to the manufacturer who can get the slab made in whatever texture and color that you want. There is a higher control over the appearance in this case, which helps. Also, the added benefit is that Quartz slab does not have any surface defects that one would have to cut around, and so the cost doesn’t go up too.

3. Quartz has the distinct make of 93% natural quartz and 7% resin binder. What makes it really unique is the fact that a Quartz slab would have the same thickness as slabs made from other materials, and would be cut and finished using the same equipment as others, but it is actually stronger than granite and marble.

4. Another feature that it makes it really easy to work with, is the fact that it doesn’t have pores. Unlike marble and granite, which have tiny capillary-like channels running between the minerals, Quartz has no such thing. And that’s why, it’s stain-resistant, and never needs any sealing. It’s a wonderful quality for a kitchen countertop.

5. This one’s a scratch resistant material. Quartz being the kind of durable stone that it is, doesn’t require a lot maintenance, and only basic standard care to make it look fabulous all year long.

6. Unlike granite, which is dyed commercially and loses that colour and appearance after a few years, Quartz is manufactured in various colours which remain consistent, making the countertops look amazing even after years of use.

If you are looking to build a modular kitchen in Surat, you can contact Krios Kitchens – one of the best modular kitchen suppliers in the city, and our team will get back to you.