Shutter Material

Shutters simply dazzle the look of the cabinets. Moreover, today’s era has gifted us with many choices. One can select the shutter’s colour matching with flooring, rooftop and all other elements in the interior.

How shutters are made and installed?

The basic unit of every shutter is the panel. A panel is made up of blades (also known as louvres). The blades are held in place by the top and bottom rails and side stiles connected by a metal strip (semi-concealed tilt rod). The metal strip controls uniform movement of the blades and gives an uninterrupted view through the blades when they are open.


Shutters are installed with fittings so they can be opened and shut easily. Depending on the way the shutter is to work, these will be one or a combination of the following:

  • Hinged
  • Sliding
  • Bi-folding
  • Tracked bifold
  • The quality of these fittings is very important if you want years of trouble free use.