Signature Services

Our Signature Service sets us apart. We have designed seven simple but indeed significant steps to provide you with a stress-free experience of satisfaction, trust and concern. Take the first step by visiting our local branch and meeting one of our designers. Trust us, we will make it special because, we know, it means a lot.

All in all, we autograph our service with excellence.

To know more about our core services, please read below.

1. Home Study

Once you’ve planned, it’s time to put your imaginings on paper. Contact us for paying a visit to your home to take your kitchen measurements. We can re-check your measurements, if you want us to. Our designer will be with you through the entire journey of buying kitchens.

Please keep in mind that the learning of measurement is for your convenience and there is no pressure of buying kitchens when we visit your home. Our designers come and take the kitchen’s measurements and then sit down and discover what you are looking forward to. Now, have a glance at the video.

2. Design Matter

While we are busy tracking our choices based on imaginations and eye catching designs in magazines, we miss out on the reasons behind creations of these kitchens. Design is about connecting and relating and our kitchen experts know that. We know the secret of making your dreams come true.

Use the latest 3D software to paint the kitchen of your dreams. Once you finish creating the design, our kitchen designer will sit with you to discuss at length. After all, you need a smart design which can promote the style which invades through your world. Have a glance at the video.

Every kitchen is unique and needs to look like one. There are ample variety of options which makes up the design and the beauty of our kitchen. We will have a look at the layout and then add flavors to the design of your choice – beautiful worktops, advanced appliances, and clever storage solutions. We ensure that your new kitchen will work on the utility part with an increased enjoyment and convenience. No more becoming slave. Look at the video.

3. Customization

Kitchens at Klaxon are designed as per your basic needs and topmost desires. We have our own manufacturing plant and we begin to customize our kitchen after the order is placed. Thus, our team works on your choices.

4. Made to Order

5. Installation

AS we are the ones who manufacture the products, it’s quite obvious that we will be masters in installing our kitchens. Familiarity compared to others would be at a real high scale.

Initially, we do a pre-technical survey to gain a better understanding of the installation procedure. If needed, we shall remove your old kitchen in order to fit the new one in a likeable manner. Klaxon is a one stop shop where-in we take care of plumbing, gas fittings and every small fitting which your kitchen demands. Klaxon’s approved installers are the best as they have keen knowledge and experience on our products. Once your kitchen is installed, we will be happy to serve you with a 24 month workmanship guarantee. Watch the video.

6. Home Check

Once you choose our service, our designer will contact you within a stipulated period of time and come home again to check your meter of Happiness. In case, there is something you aren’t happy with, he will get it sorted instantly. WE assure you the 15 year guarantee on few of our products.

Have a look at the video.

We believe in putting constant efforts to scale up your level of satisfaction and trust on us. We believe in maintaining the standard of our products. Our team will visit the customers place one year after purchase. We need to make sure that the kitchen is working exactly as it should.

Once the full circle of our signature service is complete, we give you the whole report in writing, along with basic guidelines to maintain your kitchen in the similar shape for many upcoming years.

We examine your kitchens from top to bottom. We will check put the alignment of your cabinets and make sure your hinges are still smooth. We will re-check your plumbing fittings and the condition of the sealant.

7. Autograph With Care