Krios - Capable to maintain the beauty and relationship

Krios reserves the kitchen's design and withholds the durability!

We understand that to reach the level of perfection, we must attain the best quality kitchens and service. It requires an extreme demand upon personal responsibility, reliability and execution and we are the ones who follow all this with utmost integrity. We deliver the best of designs with the most unexpected smoothness and amusing storage spaces.

With a keen eye and attention to detail, Krios guarantees the highest quality in materials commencing from manufacturing processes till creating kitchen designs and finally embarking on the journey of installing and serving with commitment.


Loudly closing kitchen cabinets are a thing of the past. We assure you the 20 year guarantee on rigid kitchen cabinets and a 15 year guarantee on Simply kitchen cabinets so that you enjoy the in- thing with a peaceful mind.


One of the primary consideration you may have is the Trustmark. It guarantees us that the installers all across the globe are selected and trustworthy. Our association with Trustmark guarantees the commitments we deliver to our customers home.


We continue to work tirelessly in our own manufacturing plant to create the quality material from either an 18mm or 16mm white or oak textured board. All the efforts are completely depended on the customer’s choice.

Manufactured And Checked To The Highest Standards

Achieving the highest standard materials, we design the kitchens in our own manufacturing plant at Ahmedabad. We manufacture the products following strict policies, requirements and specifications.

Smooth-Close Doors and Drawers

Soft close drawers are really important. We follow the smooth- close mechanism which ensures the ease on hinges and secures our fingers from getting hurt.