Kitchen Storage Advice

Your counter top space is a precious commodity; don’t use it to keep appliances and knife blocks. Instead use the walls. Use a mounted knife rack to save counter space and a shelf under some cabinet for microwave. In fact, there are a variety of accessories available for storing all your kitchen essentials. Use corners on countertops to keep appliances like food processors and coffee makers, so that within few minutes, you can prepare a few juice and ready to get going. If you have a parallel kitchen, use the non-cooking space for keeping juicer, mixer and coffee making machine, so that it’s easy for you to prepare the beverage instantly.

Use open shelves on walls for your crockery, glassware, innovative shaped vases and porcelain dinner sets. This saves cabinet space and brings a sense of openness in a small kitchen.

The space above your refrigerator can be used to make a cabinet, where you can store away the kitchen commodities not required frequently.

Use a pot rack on some wall where pots and pans can hang. This will free space in the cabinets. Buy kitchen racks for better storage space!

If your kitchen can have an island, go for one, it ups the counter space for prepping meals and the cabinets underneath are great for storage.

Don't forget the corner spaces in the kitchen. Use a Lazy Susan drawer solution to utilize the corners. It will keep your kitchen supplies accessible.

For spice rack, use some slim corner space near your cooktop for ease and convenience

Use the under-sink space for keeping dish cleaners, other cleaning aids, and waste basket.


Focus on functionality, easy accessibility and good storage space. Rest, beauty will follow on its own.