Buying a modular kitchen online really sweeps offs many people’s feet in India. However, the trend is changing and people are becoming aware of the benefits over cost and time factors that is provided by easy online shopping of modular kitchen. The team at Klaxon will help you learn the fundamental way of measuring your kitchen. These details will help you and your designer make a room that fits perfectly into your home. On the basis of this, our expert designer will be able to give a fair pricing and the right designs suitable for your kitchen. Be rest assured, we will even have our designer at your home to reconfirm the measurement.

Download this graph paper to map your kitchen space with accurate measurement. Take your measuring tape in your hands and get going!

We have already established our kitchen design showroom at Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Surat, Bhavnagar, Kochi and now another modular kitchens in Trivandrum.


Commence the first step towards building your dream kitchen. We have designed this video to give you a clarity in measuring the existing space as this will help the designing your space in a easy way.

Begin your measurement:

(1) To get an accurate, easy to use kitchen plan that works with the Krios Home Planner 3D tool, make sure you measure in inches
(2) Remember to mark on your plan the location of electrical sockets, water connections and anything that sticks out, like radiators and pipes
(3) Use our Four step to a new kitchen - planning guide (PDF) for full written details about how to measure your kitchen

Measuring assistance

We take immense pleasure in helping you for any assistance. Please contact our local store or click on free home measure service and enjoy a kitchen designer’s visit at your home.


Your existing space can eventually be used in the most functional manner for kitchen use. Watch the video for a better understanding on how to plan. You just need to give wings to your ideas by jotting down the changes you want in your existing kitchen. Give yourself the kitchen of your dreams.

To do: Planning

(1) Once you have completed taking the measurements, enter the details in the Krios Home Planner 3D tool and gear your mind to plan your kitchen.
(2) Set up your Krios account and save your plan. Our expert designers will have a detailed look at it.
(3) Refer our Four Step Kitchen planning guide(PDF) for further details

Planning Assistance

We take immense pleasure in helping you for any assistance. Please contact our local store or send us a whats app message on +91 9898989898


You’re nearly there! Your dream kitchen will soon be a reality. Watch the video to learn about your ordering options.

To do: Ordering

(1) You may enjoy the ease of ordering online or at your local Krios/Klaxon. In case of some questions before placing the order, you may even send a whats app message to 9898989898.
(2) We’re sure that you must have registered with us by now. In case you’re planning to come to our store to order, bring a print out of your kitchen plan.
(3) Our expert designers will have a look at the designs to make sure if everythings okay.
(4) Before placing the final order, be sure to refer to our kitchen accessories and appliances.

Delivery Assistance

If you can’t get your kitchen home yourself, that’s not a problem, we can do it for you. Find out more about our delivery options


Here we are at the final stage! Within a very little while, Klaxon will knock your doors to deliver you the kitchen. Watch the video to find out how to install your new kitchen.

To do: Installing

(1) Remember to follow the printed assembly instructions of each product before installation
(2) Install your products in the correct order
(3) Always employ a professional to undertake any electrical and plumbing work
(4) Download our Kitchen installation guide (PDF) for full written details about how to install your kitchen.

Installation assistance

It’s extremely easy to install our kitchen as its designed to be accomodated with convenience. Yet, we suggest you to save your time and ask us to install your kitchen for you. Find out more about our installation service.