Choosing a Kitchen Layout

If you are planning to include a few changes within your existing kitchen layout, you first need to know what’s a kitchen layout. Kitchen layout is the basic plan of the kitchen which emerges after its countertop, cabinets and major appliances are arranged in a particular way. Most five common kitchen layouts are L-shaped, U- shaped (similar to G- shape), the Parallel (corridor type), Straight shaped and the Island kitchen. Regardless of the fact which kitchen design you choose, each kitchen can be enhanced with the right cabinetry arrangements and accents.

Review the five kitchen layouts and as per your needs, identify the right one for you. Whenever you look at each layout, focus on the work triangle created in the room and decide the floor plan you want to choose. Each layout is unique. Thus, each one of them will offer the best for your cooking space. Reward and pause your thoughts each time you think about the layout and if you need any help, call the expert designers of Klaxon, who will be happy to help!