KRIOS is a company that believes in commitment with care.
This is our unique discovery passage which keeps the doors open to the customers, even after a year of purchase.
Let's understand more about our concept.

C – Commitment

We joined hands with you for the first time when you purchased your new kitchen and then, we became committed to you. We feel the need to visit all our customers once after a year of purchase to ensure the same working of the kitchen. If you’ve had your Klaxon kitchen for a year or more than that, and we are the ones who have installed it for you, then feel free to call us for our free care and commitment service.

A – Accountability

Our kitchen experts will visit your home to do a check-up of your kitchen efficiently and make a detailed report of the same. You will get full details about the kitchen’s functionality. A copy of the same report will be shared with you. As kitchen is the heart of our home, we will give you handful tips on ongoing care and maintenance.

R – Respect

We respect our customers and the trust that is fabricated between us. We provide you the service free of charge. Call at our store now to avail this beautiful act of service.

E - Elegance

We work on creative lines ensuring that the creativity sustains for a good period of time. Respecting your choices, we believe in achieving the quality and commitment. Over the time, when you start maintaining your new kitchen, they will always look elegant and beautiful.

So, what are you waiting for? Connect to your nearest store now to book your Care and Commitment service

A thorough kitchen quality inspection, absolutely free.

Care means a lot. If you choose Klaxon to install your kitchen, we will visit your home on request a year after purchase and make sure that everything is performing faithfully as it should be.

Our design expert will give your kitchen a full examination from top to bottom. We'll check out the alignment of your cabinets and make sure that the hinges are still smooth and trouble free. We'll look at the plumbing fittings and the condition of the sealant. Agglomerating all the details, we will give you a full written report, including every single detail in depth along with ample useful tips to keep your kitchen stay in the best condition for ages.

We design, connect, relate and care for your kitchens. And most importantly we make you fall in love with them! Make the most out of our services. Call or whats app today.