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How to utilize the space with Modular Kitchens?

Today, you will see that traditional kitchens have been replaced with the modern and contemporary kitchens. Modular Kitchens in Kochi have become very popular and the demand seems to increase in every home. Homemakers everywhere are opting to use the modular kitchens to make their life and cooking easy and stylish. While there are some who are making a home for the first time and this modern kitchen is their first choice. The reason for this change is that these are the latest, stylish and most convenient style of kitchen for homes and offices too. Their designs come with an aesthetic appeal that leaves the viewer’s spell bound.

Real estate pricing are reaching the sky and with that it is best to use the space provided in your homes wisely. A Modular Kitchen is designed to help you work with ease and speed in the kitchen. How to use the space with these modern designed kitchens; let’s take a look at the points below:

  • Using of walls & ceilings: The concept of modular kitchen is to use each space in the kitchen wisely and make use of the vertical spaces too along with the horizontal ones. Include walls and ceilings if need be.
  • Round Tables: You can make good use of the corner spaces by using round tables, in your kitchen. The corner spaces don’t go wasted and you add a chair there too for someone to use the table.
  • Upper Wall Shelves: There designs where you can have an upper wall shelf to hand your pots and other pans. This allows you to use the storage space below it to store some other things in it.
  • Folding Chair: Now, if you have a family that likes to have conversations in the kitchen while you are cooking then you might make use of folding chairs. As they can be kept away after your talk is over. It will not use any added space and still give you a space to sit in the kitchen to chit-chat.
  • Optimum Number of cabinets: Keep a count of your appliances and the number of cabinets you will need to store your stuff. Having a few extra will never go unused; kitchen is one place where space is always less. Having enough cabinets makes the kitchen a great one.
  • Sink Placement: The sink in the kitchen is of great importance. Washing your vegetables, meat, utensils, fruits and more is all done in the kitchen. Hence having a sink in the corner is the best placement. It allows you to use the space wisely, which might have gone unused because of being in the corner. Hence sink placement is very important.
  • Sliding Door: These days’ sliding doors are a great option, because the traditional doors took up a lot of space. Using sliding doors will not only save you space, but will give your kitchen a smart and chic look. So if you have space constraints in the kitchen using sliding doors is the best option.


Today, modular kitchens Kochi have become popular. But when opting for one you must make sure that you have used the space wisely and put the designer to good use while designing your kitchen.


Ovens: How to Make an Energy Inefficient Appliance into an Efficient One?

Ovens, wall ovens in particular are still finding their grounding in every modular kitchen in Kochi, Ahmedabad, and such other Indian cities. Whether or not they’re environment friendly – it’s a question that many people haven’t even inquired about till now. The reason is, they don’t know enough about this appliance to think in terms of eco-friendliness right now.

But, as more and more people are gravitating towards this option, it’s only fair that they try to know as much as possible. In the meantime, we are here to tell you how efficient can a wall oven prove to be to the environment, as it does for cooking.

Size Matters

You will usually find wall ovens in three widths – 30, 27, and 24 inches. The size matters with respect to how many people would you be cooking for; but you should also know that the bigger a unit you buy, bigger will be its energy usage as well. If you’re someone who has a lot of people coming over now and again, if you’re someone who loves to host get togethers – it would be more energy efficient if you choose to buy two smaller units instead of a big one. This way, when it’s just you and your immediate family, you can use one of the smaller ovens. And use both when you have people over!

Convection Ovens

To save energy, opt for a model that gives you a convection oven. That’s because it comes with a fan that keeps circulating air around the food, continuously, therefore helping in reducing the cooking time by a great notch! Even the temperature required to cook the food is lowered to a great extent, making the oven use around 20% less energy than the other kind.

Self-Cleaning Feature

Look for an oven that has a self cleaning feature; it won’t just make your life easier, but that of the environment around you better too. The heat insulation provided in ovens having this feature helps them be even more energy efficient by maintaining oven temperatures.

Some more tips to save energy, as well as your money:

  • Try to use your oven only when you have a large dish or multiple ones to prepare. Because as it is, ovens only spend 6% of total energy on the food cooking inside them; everything else is just lost, wasted away. The inherent inefficiency of an oven makes it a bad option for a regular use to cook just about every small or big dish.
  • Do not open the oven door time and again, while it’s cooking something. Every time you do that, you make the oven drop its temperature by about 25 to 30 degrees. That reduces the efficiency of the appliance. Instead, if you have to check on whether the food is cooked or not, use your oven light.

Among all the appliances seen in a modular kitchen Kochi, Ernakulam, and so on – wall ovens are one of the most inefficient ones. But, if we understand its nuances, we might just be able to squeeze whatever efficiency we can from it!

Modular Kitchens Kochi

Natural Gas: Why or Why not would it be perfect For Your Modular Kitchen?

Natural Gas is one of the best energy saving options that you can come across. And on top of being such an efficient source of energy, it’s quite inexpensive as well. People across the country, many of the modular kitchens in Kochi and other cities are now getting more and more aware about natural gas as an alternate source of energy for cooking. People are beginning to get curious on the subject, asking good questions, and really taking the environment friendliness aspect of natural gas, very seriously.

It is inarguably the cleanest fuel that’s available out there. Emitting about 45 percent lesser carbon dioxide than its counterpart coal, natural gas would be without a doubt, a wonderful choice for any modular kitchen.

Why do some people refrain from opting for natural gas?

There are a couple of reasons for people being a little wary before deciding to choose natural gas over its alternatives. One of the problems that one might face is, that cooking on natural gas could introduce nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, and even formal dehyde at times as byproducts of combustion, in the kitchen. You could handle the situation by having an exhaust hood, but even that would give you around 70% success rate. You would still have some of these pollutant gases left in your kitchen space.

Another thing is, natural gas is sourced through fracking or hydraulic fracturing as they call it. This process constitutes injecting water – millions of gallons of water – deep into the earth, along with chemicals and sand as well. This unusual combination is induced under extremely high pressure, in order to break up rock formations and release the natural gas. Few people have researched into it, and they have found that this process might be a big reason that groundwater is getting contaminated. Many countries are in the process of banning fracking, for studies have shown its adverse effect on the water we drink.

In conclusion…

So, like most things that we come across, natural gas too has a lot to offer, but has some cons as well. So, it will be up to you to decide whether you want to go for this option or not. Nevertheless, it is not as important as to choose natural gas appliances as it is to choose appliances that are Eco-friendly.

Several modular kitchens in Kochi and other cities are now gearing up to look at the brighter side of using natural gas, which is a positive sign. Meanwhile, what have you thought about it?

Straight Shape modular kitchen,

Quirks of a Straight Modular Kitchen

Modular kitchens in Kochi and most other places are these days trending to be straight ones. And we are not surprised. Most people live in an apartment these days, and these apartments don’t have too large kitchen spaces. And what does work the best for a small spaced kitchen space? A straight modular kitchen, of course! So, what are the quirks of a straight modular kitchen?

Let’s have a see!

When a Triangle is a Straight Line

One of the best ways to differentiate a straight kitchen from its counterpart’s or to have a look at its work triangle. The triangle in this kitchen ceases to be this geometric shape, and rather conforms into being a straight line. You will find the stove, refrigerator, and the sink lining up, on quite a surprising note, to form one of the best work triangles ever they sure don’t look so, but when you start using this kitchen, you realize that the distances between these three points in the kitchen are in fact appropriate to let you work very comfortably. Now, isn’t that the sole purpose of a work triangle?

What more should you know about straight kitchens?

  • Straight kitchens don’t have the quintessential work triangle; but they do need the three important elements of stove, refrigerator, and sink to be installed at appropriate distances from one another, in order for one to work at peak efficiency in that kitchen.
  • Rather than putting too many things on the countertop, it would be better for you to keep it as open a space as possible. Keeping the space free is rather important in a straight kitchen, because you will probably end up putting your stove, as well as other appliances like mixer, oven, etc, on the countertop; this will already take up a lot of space, and you will need some space free to cook as well!
  • Straight kitchen aren’t usually the biggest of kitchens. So, you will need to apply creative methods in order to increase the storage space as much as possible. One of the things you could try is, making your cabinets on the taller side. This will maximize whatever little space you have in there.
  • There’s a reason why we say that straight kitchens are usually ones with smaller spaces; it’s because it works great for smaller areas, while not so great for the alternative. Imagine having your work triangle be a straight line, and because it’s a large kitchen that straight line would be a too long one. You wouldn’t want to walk that long pathway, to and fro from one point to another, multiple times a day, especially if you’re cooking in a hurry!

There is a sleuth of straight modular kitchens in Kochi, Ahmedabad, and other major cities of the country. People love how handy these kitchens are, which never fails to elevate their mood, and boost their efficiency.