Modular Kitchens: Types of Chimneys

Every kitchen needs a chimney. But, Indian kitchens especially need a good chimney – simply because of the type of food that we cook – made from all the spices, that fill up the air in the kitchen, and leave an odor that is hard to get rid of.

And that’s why, all the modular kitchen suppliers in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, and every city out there know well, that modular kitchens without fully functional chimneys will always be incomplete.

To know what kind of chimney your kitchen would have best suited to it, one should know the types of chimneys there are. There are two types of chimneys, if you categorize them on the basis of installation:

Ducting Chimney
The filter that gets utilized in ducting or extracting chimneys is usually either mesh or baffle filter. The smoke, when passes through it, leaves the grime and grease adhered to the pores in the filter, and expels out of the duct or pipe made out PVC. The suction power is affected by how the length of the hose pipe, and also the number of bends in it.

Ductless Chimney
A ductless chimney is tightly called a recycling chimney as well, because it recycles the smoke, and circulates it back into the kitchen. When the smoke enters the filter, which is a charcoal filter in this case, the grease gets trapped in the filter holes, while the charcoal granules absorb the odor and heat from it, and finally circulate back the purified air.

You can also typify chimneys, based upon their functionality:

Conventional Chimneys
Just like the name suggests, conventional chimneys are the ones that simply try to keep the kitchen environment fresh, and are available in both ducting as well as ductless models. The design of these chimneys is mostly straight-line.

Contemporary Chimneys:
Contemporary chimneys also perform the same basic function, but they come in various designs, that you can choose from – depending on your kitchen interiors and your total budget.

Again, they have hoods that come in various designs:

Wall canopy
The most common type of hoods, they hang over the stove, while the chimney itself is fixed onto the wall. They further come in different designs.

Downdraft chimney
Very sleek and stylish, this one has a button to go with it,which if pushed – the hood pops up over the stove, and when pushed again – it retracts.

Island canopy
If you have hobs or countertop cooking range, this one would be the perfect choice for you. Island canopy is fixed on the ceiling – looking at it, it seems like it’s hanging from nowhere.

Built-in or integrated hood
Blending well with the kitchen interior, a built-in or integrated one remains well hidden behind or even under the cabinets. This one goes well with any kind of kitchen interior.

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