Modular Kitchens in Kochi

Modular Kitchens – A revolution in kitchen designs

Kitchen is a very important part of the home. It is the heart or the centre of their home where they either create some memories or use it as a platform to create some new dishes. Kitchen is one place where you spend maximum time there cooking. Food is an essential element for everyone and one needs their meals at least thrice daily. Hence a lot of time is taken up in the kitchen. In order to make sure the food and the dishes made are amazing, you need to have a good aura and kitchen. There must be all the equipment and other stuff easily accessible to you. Therefore, modular kitchen revolution began.

Modular Kitchens in Kochi have become the latest trend. People today prefer to invest in modern style kitchens that ease their work and make cooking fun for them. When we work in office we make sure the environment, people and surroundings are good. Similar is the kitchen when you spend so much time there is no harm in asking for a classy, trendy and a revolutionized kitchen. There are designers and stores that provide you with amazing kitchen patterns and styles that will fit perfectly with your current interiors of the home. Also keep in mind to choose a kitchen that will last longer than the traditional ones because you need to work there regularly.

The modular kitchens have totally revolutionized the kitchen designs. The style, elegance and look of the kitchen make it stand out of the other kitchens. All home-makers or wives want that their kitchens should be fully stocked, but space is usually a constraint. With modular you don’t have to think about this, that is the beauty of this kitchen. It gives you huge space amount and keeps your kitchen mess-free. You can utilize the units very nicely and keep all your stuff in these cabinets. They make things handy and give you easy access to all your crockery, utensils and equipment.

You need to understand your needs as a home-maker. Once you do that you know what you want in your kitchen you will be able to stock things in the correct quantity and you will have all the other things also stocked in your kitchen. Kitchen does not only have the units and cabinets but there are appliances that you need daily and you need to have them in the kitchen. That is what makes modular kitchens near Kochi popular.


If you are looking to change your kitchen design then modular kitchen is the right option for you. You need to find the right designer and provider for you that will make things easy for you.

Modular Kitchens in Kochi

3 Unique and Magnificent Oversized Backsplashes

Kitchen trends change like fashion – it seems for every creation and design, there’s a season, and then they magically disappear. Right now, the season of back-splashes if upon the modular kitchens in Kochi, Ahmedabad, Ernakulam, and basically just about everywhere. Over-sized back-splashes are one of those really pervasive trends, which add quite a subtle, but definitely a wow factor to any kitchen space.

Here are three utterly magnificent backslashes to inspire your next kitchen design or redesign:

● You can go with a hint of green – and not just any green – but sea foam green. It will add to the crisp feel of the kitchen, bring in a garden-like atmosphere inside the space. You would require high-precision plate glass back-splash installation, which accommodates all the outlets and every appliance without a hassle. Do not try this one, unless you know a professional contractor to help you with it.

● You could install a backsplash that supersizes an existing backsplash. It would give the impression of an accent wall, and without a doubt, look superb. The opulence of such a backsplash would be unmatchable. So, you should definitely try this one.

● The other thing is, you could try and add a metallic effect to your kitchen, especially if the space already is a bit colorful. Go for one wall tiled with Silver glass Lapazo tiles; it will turn out to be utterly pleasing to the eyes, and have a rather magical effect on the surrounding environment.

These are a few of the many ways you can introduce unique back-splashes in your modular kitchen in Kochi, or wherever it might be. You could even come up with your own original, and therefore unique idea. If you do, let us know about it!

Modular Kitchen in Kochi

Inexpensive Modular Kitchens Do Exist

Every owner wants to have a lovely and latest design kitchen in his home. Using modular kitchen in Kochi has become a trend. Where the demand has increased for such kitchen the suppliers have also made a strong existence. Modular kitchen have gained high popularity in a very short span of time and why not, they have such elegant and classy look that change the entire look of your house. If you think that these smart kitchens are expensive, then you are wrong. You can get an inexpensive one built and designed for your home. All you have to do is tell you budget to the designer and he/she will make it happen for you.

Modular Kitchen for Every Budget

There are many suppliers of Modular kitchens in Kochi that will fit right in your budget. It is important that you decide what all equipment you want in your kitchen and how you would like to use the space. Based on your preferences the designer will give you some ideas and designs to choose from. You can also have certain things removed if you think they cross your budget. But one very important thing is that you must also look for offers and discounts. Throughout the year retailers and shop owners give out discounts and offers for their customers, that is the perfect time to get heavy discount and a full-fledged modern style kitchen.

Wide Variety of Choice

You will get amazing choices in modular kitchens. You can also merge designs and make one to get a classy and out of the box design. You can ask your designer to give you choices in designs and budgets both. Having few options in kitchens that are cost effective will be an added advantage. You must move ahead with the latest fashion and trends but you also need to keep in mind your pocket. Anything that goes beyond will only be trouble later on. Hence it is always best to tell your provider or your designer what is budget. Modular kitchen don’t require maintenance hence there will be not maintenance cost in the future that will add to your expenses. This is a one-time investment unless you want a new design after 10-15 years.

Other Benefits of Modular Kitchens

Modular kitchen have a lot more benefits other than the cost and its elegant look. These kitchens are spacious and easy to clean. They are durable, compact and reliable. In, case there is any damage in the units in the future; they are easily repairable or replaceable. You don’t need to send loads of money to change your entire fittings. You don’t need to worry about finding someone to do the same they are easily available in the market.


Modular kitchen in Kochi are easily available and at best prices. They are affordable to all class of people and you can find designs that best match with your current interiors. Time for change, time adapt the new trends and get the modern kitchen ideas in your home.

Modular Kitchens Kochi

Kitchen Themes: Looking Beyond the Obvious

Kitchen styles are many, but all of them usually start and end with stainless steel, now don’t they! So, we have here at least three such styles, which will take you to a design space that’s beyond the obvious; and if we know anything, we know that your Modular kitchen in Kochi, Ernakulam, or Ahmedabad is worth it.

Classic kitchens

Keeping it simple, and following some of the most loved age old traditions, is what makes a design classic. Then, a classic kitchen would be one that dons beautiful white or cream color for its cabinets, or even offer black accents which a homeowner could make into however they please.

Paris bistro kitchens

Who doesn’t want a bunch of exquisite looking cookware, charming tiles, and of course intimate lighting to come home to? And so, it’s high time you introduce a high-end Parisian style to your modular kitchen.

Eclectic kitchens

If you’re one with a sense of humour that defies conventions, if you’re someone who refuses to fit into a pigeonhole, then an eclectic kitchen will fit your needs like a good gove fits a hand! Apply your equal love for modern as well as rustic to your new kitchen, and you’ll have a beautiful eclectic mix to go home to every day.

Mediterranean style kitchens

Call them Spanish revival kitchens if you like, but the charm of hand-painted tiles, the beauty of beamed ceilings, and the simplicity of warm wood cabinets can neither be overstated, nor be ignored! It comes as no surprise then, that Mediterranean-style modular kitchens are such a big hit these days.

These are some of our favorites modular kitchen designs and themes, which can easily stand you apart from the usual stainless kitchens. They would all work great for a modular kitchen in Ernakulam, Ahmedabad, and every other city!

Cabinet Paint Colors

Cabinet Paint Colors: Moving on From the Neutrals

Wherever you go, be it a Modular kitchen in Kochi or one in Ahmedabad, it seems white, grey, brown, and black are the most popular shades of cabinet paint that you’ll find. It’s almost got to the point of boring. But, the more frustrating thing is, people don’t opt for one of these colors out of a real choice – they do so because they think cabinet colors don’t matter!

Well, here’s a news for every one of you – the way your cabinets look, they color they’ve been painted with, has a huge impact on the overall look of the kitchen. So, if you’re happy with your cabinetry, then that’s great! But, if you’re looking to revamp the look a bit, then we might be able to help you!

Fiery orange

Not just any shade of orange, but one that comes off as a little bit of a shock to the eyes, can prove to be just what your kitchen needs. You can run this color over the lower cabinetry, especially if you have an open kitchen. This way, it won’t in any way, intrude with more calmer subtle finishes in the adjacent areas.

Sky blue

You can introduce sky blue color to your kitchen through your cabinets, and bring out the best of this color if you go for a waxed finish, and complement it by deep orange and gold hues.

Tomato Red

To give your kitchen a jazzy look, there could be no other color better than a beautiful tomato red! Red cabinets lend cheerfulness to a kitchen like nothing else does.

Lemon yellow

Next in the list is lemon yellow. It’s one of those colors that bring brightness to a space. Even if you’re feeling a bit lazy someday, this color will put right in the mood to kick start your beautiful day.

Pistachio green

Another way to have a charming kitchen is to have pistachio green colored cabinets in there. This color is soothing in nature, especially when used in a kitchen that has a vegetable garden attached to it; an airy kitchen would get a perfect look and feel with a touch of pistachio green.

Whether it’s a modular kitchens in Kochi, Bangalore, Ernakulam, or some other city, it can always be further beautified! These are a few of the preferences that we shared with you, so that you can have your cabinets redefine your kitchen space in maybe small, but a certain way.

Modular Kitchen Ideas

How to utilize the space with Modular Kitchens?

Today, you will see that traditional kitchens have been replaced with the modern and contemporary kitchens. Modular Kitchens in Kochi have become very popular and the demand seems to increase in every home. Homemakers everywhere are opting to use the modular kitchens to make their life and cooking easy and stylish. While there are some who are making a home for the first time and this modern kitchen is their first choice. The reason for this change is that these are the latest, stylish and most convenient style of kitchen for homes and offices too. Their designs come with an aesthetic appeal that leaves the viewer’s spell bound.

Real estate pricing are reaching the sky and with that it is best to use the space provided in your homes wisely. A Modular Kitchen is designed to help you work with ease and speed in the kitchen. How to use the space with these modern designed kitchens; let’s take a look at the points below:

  • Using of walls & ceilings: The concept of modular kitchen is to use each space in the kitchen wisely and make use of the vertical spaces too along with the horizontal ones. Include walls and ceilings if need be.
  • Round Tables: You can make good use of the corner spaces by using round tables, in your kitchen. The corner spaces don’t go wasted and you add a chair there too for someone to use the table.
  • Upper Wall Shelves: There designs where you can have an upper wall shelf to hand your pots and other pans. This allows you to use the storage space below it to store some other things in it.
  • Folding Chair: Now, if you have a family that likes to have conversations in the kitchen while you are cooking then you might make use of folding chairs. As they can be kept away after your talk is over. It will not use any added space and still give you a space to sit in the kitchen to chit-chat.
  • Optimum Number of cabinets: Keep a count of your appliances and the number of cabinets you will need to store your stuff. Having a few extra will never go unused; kitchen is one place where space is always less. Having enough cabinets makes the kitchen a great one.
  • Sink Placement: The sink in the kitchen is of great importance. Washing your vegetables, meat, utensils, fruits and more is all done in the kitchen. Hence having a sink in the corner is the best placement. It allows you to use the space wisely, which might have gone unused because of being in the corner. Hence sink placement is very important.
  • Sliding Door: These days’ sliding doors are a great option, because the traditional doors took up a lot of space. Using sliding doors will not only save you space, but will give your kitchen a smart and chic look. So if you have space constraints in the kitchen using sliding doors is the best option.


Today, modular kitchens Kochi have become popular. But when opting for one you must make sure that you have used the space wisely and put the designer to good use while designing your kitchen.

Modular Kitchens Ahmedabad

Give Your Kitchen a Completely New Look With a Dash of Color!

The most functional area of your home, your kitchen, more often than not gets the least attention when it comes to interior designing. Whether you see a Modular Kitchen in Kochi, or one in Bengaluru – however small or big a city – the kitchens, for some reason get the same treatment.

But we’re here to tell you, that especially if you have an island kitchen, you can still make it look like a piece of art. And here’s what we suggest:

Treat Your Kitchen Island Like It’s Nothing Short of a Feature Piece!

You can have your kitchen island be the very focus of your kitchen space. If you have painted your kitchen in a bunch of neutral colors, then it’s time you add a splash of color to your cabinet section the base of your island. This will not only create a beautiful vision, but also add a lot vibrancy to the overall design! You could go for jewel tones, if you have a wooden floor to work with, and are looking forward to amp its look a bit up. A bright red colored island in a kitchen that’s mostly neutral would also feel very contemporary in its mood.

Don’t You Underestimate the Power of a Fabulous Rug!

Kitchen rugs are so in these days! You should absolutely look for a rug that brings not just color to your kitchen, but also a lot of character. Plus, rugs are inherently warm and inviting; they infuse a place with a feeling of utter comfort and relaxation, which makes it a perfect choice for a kitchen!

Let Your Cabinets make a Happy Statement in Your Kitchen!

Aren’t cabinets the best? Best to store, and the best to bring out color in a kitchen? In order for your kitchen to make bold color statement, have the cabinets painted according to the kitchen’s theme. You don’t always need to go for bright colors; you can even go for softer, paler colors, and still make the statement that you want to!

You could have a modular kitchen in Kochi, or someplace else – you could use any of these tips to reimaging and then redefine your kitchen space. So, what are you waiting for! Decide, where in your kitchen, you would like to splash a little color!

Modular Kitchens Ernakulam

Ovens: How to Make an Energy Inefficient Appliance into an Efficient One?

Ovens, wall ovens in particular are still finding their grounding in every modular kitchen in Kochi, Ahmedabad, and such other Indian cities. Whether or not they’re environment friendly – it’s a question that many people haven’t even inquired about till now. The reason is, they don’t know enough about this appliance to think in terms of eco-friendliness right now.

But, as more and more people are gravitating towards this option, it’s only fair that they try to know as much as possible. In the meantime, we are here to tell you how efficient can a wall oven prove to be to the environment, as it does for cooking.

Size Matters

You will usually find wall ovens in three widths – 30, 27, and 24 inches. The size matters with respect to how many people would you be cooking for; but you should also know that the bigger a unit you buy, bigger will be its energy usage as well. If you’re someone who has a lot of people coming over now and again, if you’re someone who loves to host get togethers – it would be more energy efficient if you choose to buy two smaller units instead of a big one. This way, when it’s just you and your immediate family, you can use one of the smaller ovens. And use both when you have people over!

Convection Ovens

To save energy, opt for a model that gives you a convection oven. That’s because it comes with a fan that keeps circulating air around the food, continuously, therefore helping in reducing the cooking time by a great notch! Even the temperature required to cook the food is lowered to a great extent, making the oven use around 20% less energy than the other kind.

Self-Cleaning Feature

Look for an oven that has a self cleaning feature; it won’t just make your life easier, but that of the environment around you better too. The heat insulation provided in ovens having this feature helps them be even more energy efficient by maintaining oven temperatures.

Some more tips to save energy, as well as your money:

  • Try to use your oven only when you have a large dish or multiple ones to prepare. Because as it is, ovens only spend 6% of total energy on the food cooking inside them; everything else is just lost, wasted away. The inherent inefficiency of an oven makes it a bad option for a regular use to cook just about every small or big dish.
  • Do not open the oven door time and again, while it’s cooking something. Every time you do that, you make the oven drop its temperature by about 25 to 30 degrees. That reduces the efficiency of the appliance. Instead, if you have to check on whether the food is cooked or not, use your oven light.

Among all the appliances seen in a modular kitchen Kochi, Ernakulam, and so on – wall ovens are one of the most inefficient ones. But, if we understand its nuances, we might just be able to squeeze whatever efficiency we can from it!

Modular Kitchen in Kochi

Natural Gas: Why or Why not would it be perfect For Your Modular Kitchen?

Natural Gas is one of the best energy saving options that you can come across. And on top of being such an efficient source of energy, it’s quite inexpensive as well. People across the country, many of the modular kitchens in Kochi and other cities are now getting more and more aware about natural gas as an alternate source of energy for cooking. People are beginning to get curious on the subject, asking good questions, and really taking the environment friendliness aspect of natural gas, very seriously.

It is inarguably the cleanest fuel that’s available out there. Emitting about 45 percent lesser carbon dioxide than its counterpart coal, natural gas would be without a doubt, a wonderful choice for any modular kitchen.

Why do some people refrain from opting for natural gas?

There are a couple of reasons for people being a little wary before deciding to choose natural gas over its alternatives. One of the problems that one might face is, that cooking on natural gas could introduce nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, and even formal dehyde at times as byproducts of combustion, in the kitchen. You could handle the situation by having an exhaust hood, but even that would give you around 70% success rate. You would still have some of these pollutant gases left in your kitchen space.

Another thing is, natural gas is sourced through fracking or hydraulic fracturing as they call it. This process constitutes injecting water – millions of gallons of water – deep into the earth, along with chemicals and sand as well. This unusual combination is induced under extremely high pressure, in order to break up rock formations and release the natural gas. Few people have researched into it, and they have found that this process might be a big reason that groundwater is getting contaminated. Many countries are in the process of banning fracking, for studies have shown its adverse effect on the water we drink.

In conclusion…

So, like most things that we come across, natural gas too has a lot to offer, but has some cons as well. So, it will be up to you to decide whether you want to go for this option or not. Nevertheless, it is not as important as to choose natural gas appliances as it is to choose appliances that are Eco-friendly.

Several modular kitchens in Kochi and other cities are now gearing up to look at the brighter side of using natural gas, which is a positive sign. Meanwhile, what have you thought about it?