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Kitchen Countertops: Why would Quartz be a Good Choice?

There are a lot of materials available in the market, that you can choose from to build your kitchen countertop. And with such a wide range of choice, suppliers of modular kitchens in Surat, Ahmedabad, Rajkot, and all major cities always try to aid the customer by making all there is to know about every raw material.

And to make that process a bit easier, we have come up with a few reasons why you should choose Quartz as your countertop material:

1. Everyone has a budget, and so would you when you start with renovating your kitchen. And when it comes to bringing home value for money, Quartz is one stone that definitely comes to mind. A stone that looks as great as, but comes at a lower cost than the expensive granite, Quartz would especially be of great help, if you’re planning to have a large countertop. As the size your counter increases, the cost will increase too. So, you can easily go for Quartz.

2. You can have Quartz look the way you want it to. Unlike other stones, here you can talk to the manufacturer who can get the slab made in whatever texture and color that you want. There is a higher control over the appearance in this case, which helps. Also, the added benefit is that Quartz slab does not have any surface defects that one would have to cut around, and so the cost doesn’t go up too.

3. Quartz has the distinct make of 93% natural quartz and 7% resin binder. What makes it really unique is the fact that a Quartz slab would have the same thickness as slabs made from other materials, and would be cut and finished using the same equipment as others, but it is actually stronger than granite and marble.

4. Another feature that it makes it really easy to work with, is the fact that it doesn’t have pores. Unlike marble and granite, which have tiny capillary-like channels running between the minerals, Quartz has no such thing. And that’s why, it’s stain-resistant, and never needs any sealing. It’s a wonderful quality for a kitchen countertop.

5. This one’s a scratch resistant material. Quartz being the kind of durable stone that it is, doesn’t require a lot maintenance, and only basic standard care to make it look fabulous all year long.

6. Unlike granite, which is dyed commercially and loses that colour and appearance after a few years, Quartz is manufactured in various colours which remain consistent, making the countertops look amazing even after years of use.

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