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One of the versatile and really popular designs of modular kitchens in Ahmedabad as well as almost every other city in the country, U-shaped kitchens were initially developed as a result of a lot of research and planning. And sure enough, the hard work paid off, and we got a kitchen design that makes it a comfortable and easy place to house the most important part of any household.

But like everything else, this kitchen design too has its own pros and cons. So, before you make your choice for your kitchen’s design, you should go through the following points:

Benefits of U-Shaped Kitchens:
It provides separate zones for preparing the food, cooking it, washing the dishes, and so on.

Unlike an L-shaped kitchen, a U-shaped one has three adjacent walls that contour the whole kitchen, giving one more counter space to work on, as well as keep the appliances on.

Another parameter that a U-shaped kitchen usually provides an advantage in, is the way it doesn’t allow much of chaos to set in, in the kitchen. Because this typical design of a kitchen isn’t very good in allowing too much traffic, one usually doesn’t  get a lot of spills and all – your chances to work in peace in such a kitchen might actually be quite high.

Drawbacks of U-shaped Kitchens:

A U-shaped modular kitchen must have its two ‘legs’ at least 10 feet apart, making it not very suitable for small spaces. Also, without an island-kind of countertop in the middle, the whole space could prove to be too large for some people for practical uses.
While every kitchen has things that one rarely uses, and we’re always looking for spaces that could keep them stored, the bottom corner cabinets of this type of kitchen could be used for such a purpose; the reason for it being, those cabinets are usually too difficult to be accessed on a daily basis.

Forming a kitchen work triangle gets a bit difficult here, ue to the distance between two ‘legs’, as we discussed, unless you put an island counter in the center which could be used to place either the cooktop, or have a sink installed in it.

For modular kitchens in Ahmedabad, you can contact Krios Kitchens, and our team will help you build a modular kitchen that fits your home’s design, and your sense of style, while keeping your convenience and comfort as the first priority!

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