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Cast Iron Sinks: Pros and Cons

As you decide to buy modular kitchen for yourself, you see that choosing a kitchen sink comes off as one of the topmost priorities. And it should be. And because there are so many types of sinks available in the market, there is enough reason for you to understand each and every sink material properly, and then make your choice.

So, here’s a list of pros and cons of cast iron sinks, to make you understand them better:

What’s so great about cast iron sinks?

When it comes to durability, it’s really hard to beat this one. Not just are these sinks massive, they also don’t dent like stainless steel, or crack like any other solid surface.

Not just strong, but a cast iron sink looks great as well. The glossy finish that porcelain enamel gives it, adds an element of visual appeal to it. Available in a number of colours, a cast iron sink gels well with almost any kitchen design theme or concept.

You wouldn’t need to hire anyone to install this one. A cast iron sink is already heavy in weight, which helps it remain in place, and doesn’t require anything to hold it, especially because of the sealant that surrounds it to help keep it secure in its place.

What’s not so great about cast iron sinks?

The porcelain enamel that gives the cast iron surface a beautiful finish, is also prone to chipping and wearing off. Especially, if you use abrasive cleaners or try to aggressively clean it – you might just wear it off.

Rusting is another problem that you might face with cast iron sink. If you let the porcelain get chipped off, the cast iron surface underneath could easily attract rust.

When you renovate or buy your modular kitchen, you might not need anyone to help you install this sink; but you would need solid fixtures to help it support itself. The weight of these sinks is too much for them to keep steady without help.

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