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Using Veneer in Kitchen: Why or Why not?

Whether it’s for a modular kitchen in Vadodara, or Ahmedabad, or any other city in the country, while many people choose to go the solid wood-way, when it comes to deciding on the raw material to use in their modular kitchens, there are other lower-end options like plastic, metal, or veneer that are inexpensive, and fairly good.

Not as high priced as solid wood, veneer proves to be a much lower investment option, especially when it is for people who are buying their house for the very first time. It fits the budgets of people, quite easily.

Unlike wood, which is harvested, veneer is manufactured, and hance you many design options that you can go for. With pieces of veneer designed in a way that they showcase different kinds of wood finishes – even sometimes looking a little exotic than actual wood – you won’t find the same thing with solid wood.

With veneer, you will find a more uniform finish that will be easier to use if you choose to add the veneer-made furniture to an already decorated room. The veneer furniture is easier to match to other pieces.

The problem with veneer though is that manufacturers usually use particle board or MDF or some other such materials to provide a strong core to the furniture, and then use veneer, While it’s not such a bad thing, as these different materials mixed with glue and chemicals beneath the surface, makes the furniture itself much lighter and more manageable – it also makes it too vulnerable to get damaged easily. And often, the damages can’t be repaired.

If you have any other questions regarding modular kitchens design in Vadodara, you can contact Krios Kitchens, and the designers here would be more than happy to help!

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