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Using Solid Wood in the Kitchen: Why or Why not?

Whether you are interested in remodeling your kitchen, or getting a modular kitchen designed right from the scratch, you know it’s solid wood that’s your first choice when it comes to selecting the raw material to build it. Not just kitchen, but for any part of the house, the question that comes to mind isn’t really “which raw material to go for?”, but instead “whether to go for solid wood or not?”

True as it might be, that solid wood is the most popular material used in modular kitchens, especially when it comes to getting cabinets made; and the trend is being observed by the modular kitchens suppliers in Rajkot too. But popularity can’t be the only reason one selects an option. One has to know both the pros and cons, before making the final decision.

Solid wood furniture looks beautiful. The combination of contemporary and rustic that it creates is unmatchable. Furniture made from solid wood, sure gives a classic touch to the interior of a room.

Built to perfection, solid wood is strong, durable, and resilient by its very nature. It literally lasts for generations. Even if it starts showing a little bit of an age, after ages, it can be easily refinished.

It can withstand a lot of wear and tear, and requires very less to no maintenance.

Though it looks amazing, it does cost a lot too. The initial investment in getting wooden furniture made is a bit more than other materials.

While wooden furniture is durable, it is also quite heavy. If yours is a family that moves a lot, ten you might want to rethink about using solid wood for furniture.

A more natural way of getting manufactured than others like veneer, solid wood does have a great many qualities, and it does pose a few challenges too. If you’re interested in designing a modular kitchen in Rajkot, do contact Krios Kitchens – one of the best modular kitchen suppliers in Rajkot. Our team will gladly help you decide everything, right from raw material, to furniture design, to the kitchen design itself!

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