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With people getting more and more familiar with the concept of modular kitchens, and not just in showrooms and magazines, but in a more practical manner – the things that make a kitchen, kitchen, are what people are interested in knowing about. And this is the question that modular kitchen suppliers in Surat, Ahmedabad, Rajkot, and every other major city is helping people get a good answer to.

One of the most important things that you look for in a modular kitchen, is the countertop. What a countertop does in a kitchen, is absolutely clear. But, what material would help it be more a part of the kitchen, help getting all the work done, and be as less-maintenance as possible – those are the questions that we’ll help you answer by describing a few various materials that you you could use in building the countertop.

When it comes to building or remodeling kitchen countertops, Granite always makes the top of the list of potential raw materials. While it does give a kitchen an air of sophistication and looks expensive – it does in fact cost a bit more than others. That said, granite, if installed properly and sealed good too – your countertop is going to last a long time. Available in so many different patterns, designs, and colors, you can definitely think about getting this one.

Solid surfaces
Countertops with solid surfaces, like those made out of Swanstone or Corian are great, as they can endure scratches and chips, better than some others; but they are not heat resistant, making them a little unsuitable for keeping say, hot pan on them. They don’t stain easily, and needless to say, they come tough.

Something that is better than granite, when it comes to the colors in which it is available, scratch resistance property, and most importantly – something that doesn’t have a porous surface. That’s quartz. But, obviously, it’s quite expensive – more expensive than granite. So, make your choice accordingly.

A good option for your countertop would be laminate. It doesn’t just come with a smooth surface that is easy to clean, but being made from plastic-coated synthetic material, this one can be easily cut to size, is inexpensive, and great if you like to change things every few years. With laminate surfaces though, the problem is with them getting chips and scratches quite easily – and they’re almost impossible to repair.

Stainless steel
Contemporary kitchens, you’ll see, employ stainless steel. While steel makes countertops more durable, resilient, and give them a beautiful and seamless look – you might find them noisy, expensive, and could even get dented, if hit hard enough. Also, you obviously won’t be able to cut on steel surface.

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