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Why start with the kitchen?

Kitchen, in every home, is more than just the place where you cook your food. Kitchen is truly an abode – your home inside the home! If you’re thinking about renovating your house, or even if you’re designing it right from the scratch, your kitchen would be a great place to begin from. Kitchen is that one place that you use extensively on a regular basis. Cooking is one of those things that isn’t just a regular activity that one does mechanically everyday, but it needs a certain atmosphere, a certain ambience too. And that’s why remodeling a kitchen needs a lot of thought put into it; and as people owing a modular kitchen in Surat would amply agree, having a modular kitchen makes things not juts easier, but makes the whole process more effective, and much more fun.

How to balance aesthetics and functionality?

We already said that it’s easier to work with kitchens that are modular in nature – and we absolutely stand by that statement. Starting with the functionality, these kitchens are tailor-made for the people who use them, helping in making the process of cooking more interesting and delightful. Whether it’s the appliances that you’d like to fit in, the perfect work triangle that you’d like to work within, or the accessories that you’d like your kitchen to own – everything is possible – easily possible.

Aesthetics would again depend upon the person’s style, the kind of interior decoration they’d like for their whole house to have, and be such that doesn’t interfere with the utility of the kitchen – rather, maintains a good balance with it.

Some of the pointers could be:

  • While cabinets should be placed according to how frequently one uses them, and according to the height of the user – the materials used to make those cabinets should also give a good aesthetic touch to the kitchen area.
  • Colors chosen to paint the kitchen should not just be aesthetically pleasing, but should have a certain agreeable effect on the person who has to cook the food – who uses the area every day.
  • There must be a chimney – that is necessary; but the kind of chimney to have would be decided by how much cooking happens on the hob.
  • Things that appear smaller in the larger scheme of things, such as types of faucets used in the kitchen – are actually really important. Whether you use a pull-out faucet, or a pull-down one, or a double handle faucet – it totally depends upon you and your kitchen.

These are few tips on designing or re-designing your modular kitchen, If you own a modular kitchen in Surat, or would like to own one, we at Krios Kitchens would always be happy to take care of your queries and help you out!



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