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Major Design Types of a Modern Modular Kitchen

Such an important part of any house, kitchen needs to be designed and built considering every tiny and big possibility that one can think of!

And what better way to begin with, than to decide on the type of design you’d want for your kitchen to have!

So, here’s an overview of the major design types of modular kitchens:

U-shaped Kitchen
Giving you ample space to cook, and fit others too who’d like to help you make the dinner, U-shaped kitchens are adept at giving people all the rom they need! Add to that, an efficient arrangement of cabinets and drawers, and you have got yourself an A-level storage, making your kitchen, an outright winner! Extremely accommodating, U-shaped kitchens look really classy too.

Parallel or Straight Kitchen
Such a boon for those living in small apartments or flats, straight kitchens, or as some people call them, parallel kitchens, these are the most efficient of them all. Knowing well that space is a luxury that these kitchens can hardly afford, efficiency becomes the operative word for this kitchen.

L-shaped Kitchen
Somewhere between an U-shaped kitchen and a parallel kitchen, an L-shaped kitchen both uses some space, and saves some too! As ironical as it may sound, this kitchen includes more of a room, but lets you occupy all that extra room by placing a small table and a few chairs, making you a perfect breakfast or a bit smaller dining table. A kitchen where you can both cook and eat!

Island Kitchen
Here we have a unique combination of L-shaped kitchen and a straight or parallel kitchen, An Island kitchen dos like to use a bit more space than all its other counterparts; but if you have a lot you need to store, and a large apartment, then this is the kitchen that would go perfectly well with your needs!

Having discussed the major types of modular kitchens, you can now think in terms of what suits you the best, and take your pick!



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