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One of the high points of choosing to go for a modular kitchen instead of a traditional one, is the way you can decide on the various modules of the kitchen. And what module is more important than the cabinets?

So, here are a few types of kitchen cabinets that you can choose to get from:

Ready-to-Assemble (RTA) Cabinets
These would be the kind of cabinets that aren’t too hard on the pocket. You get more or less of DIY kits from the store, and assemble them according to the instructions provided on such kits, finally getting a decent cabinetry at a decetead of a decent price too!

Semi-Custom Cabinets
Just like the name suggests, you’ll find a few things that you’d have complete say in – however you want to get those things done. Some of those features would be deciding on the size adjustments, then sometimes the quality of the material being used to build it, and so on. The size alteration would be more like making certain changes to the depth – increasing the depth, usually. With a basic form already ready, you’ll still have a lot of options to get a more personalized cabinetry, as you’d have a really wide selection of finishes, and styles that you could choose to go for.

Custom-made Cabinets
As it is with anything custom-made, your kitchen cabinets too would be oneof-a-kind, with their size, shape, and everything about them tailored perfectly to your needs. Whether it’s a design that you think looks too cool to be found ready-made, or if it’s a unique space that you’d like to fit your cabinet in – with right people to work with, you can make yourself the perfect design, using the best materials, and be extremely flexible with the shape, size, finish, and even accessories that you might want to get made.
In case you need any help designing a modular kitchen in Rajkot, Krios Kitchens would be more than happy to help you! So, make a call and book your slot, today!

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